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103rd ANR week begins March 3

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by MSU

ANR Week has served as a platform for enterprising new developments in agriculture and natural resources in Michigan since 1914.

Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR) Week will run March 3-10 at Michigan State University (MSU).

Jointly sponsored by the MSU College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, MSU Extension and MSU AgBioResearch, the event offers conferences, workshops and exhibits featuring members of the Michigan natural resources and agriculture industries, including:

Michigan Farmers Market Conference – Hosted by the Michigan Farmers Market Association, this year’s conference theme is "Cultivating Community at Farmers Markets." Sessions will provide market managers and vendors with information about current farmers market practices.

Quiet Water Symposium – This program provides insights into nonmotorized outdoor recreational activities such as hiking, sailing and camping.

Great Lakes Lavender Growers’ Conference: Diversify Today, Transform Tomorrow – This conference is designed as a resource for lavender growers seeking to better their industry. Keynote speaker Paola Legarre, owner of Sage Creations Organic Lavender Farm in Palisade, Colorado, will discuss action plans for farm diversification.

World Food Prize Michigan Youth Institute presents: Exploring Food Security around the World – Discussing food security as a global issue, this program will feature a panel of individuals who have made strides to address the problems of feeding our planet’s growing population. Individuals from MSU will share their research on world hunger and discuss the future of solving food insecurity.

Horticultural Therapy: Connecting People and Plants – Workshops on plant-people interactions and their therapeutic potential will be hosted by the Michigan Horticultural Therapy Association.

Spring Flower Bulb Show – Take in the sights of spring at Hidden Lake Gardens in Tipton, Michigan. Featuring a full spectrum of flowers and colors, the show is a breath of fresh air at the tail end of winter.

Project FISH Workshop – Participants will learn how to start a fishing program in their local communities. Workshops on tackle making, cleaning fish and related topics will teach those interested in becoming fishing instructors the basic skills to strengthen their programs.

ANR Week Luncheon – The March 9 luncheon at the Huntington Club inside Spartan Stadium will feature awards recognizing several people for the global impact of their work.

ANR Week has served as a platform for enterprising new developments in agriculture and natural resources in Michigan since 1914. For over a century, attendees have networked, learned about new developments in their fields and looked toward the future.

For a complete list of events and times, visit http://www.canr.msu.edu/anrweek/sessions/.