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Extracting drinking water from manure?

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Thanks to the collaborative efforts of two Michigan-based organizations, this fully automated Nutrient Concentration & Water Reclamation system could be a game changer in manure management for livestock farmers nationwide. This picture shows the system recently installed at Majestic Crossing Dairy in Wisconsin which is capable of processing 20,000 gallons per day of manure into clean water and bio-solids.

ACRE AgTech, formerly the Great Lakes Ag-Tech Business Incubator located in Ottawa County, has added Digested Organics LLC to their growing client list. Digested Organics, an Ann Arbor based company founded in 2013, specializes in organic waste management, alternative energy, and water reclamation solutions.

ACRE AgTech has been providing assistance to agricultural technology entrepreneurs in Ottawa County and across Michigan since 2014 will use its resources to connect Digested Organics with agricultural and food processing operations that can benefit from their product line and services

Their services? Simply put, the Digested Organics system can take all different kinds of organic waste—manure, vegetable scraps, beverage waste—and digest it into a fiber component, a nutrient component, and a reusable water component.

And if you subscribe to the notion that seeing is believing, you can take a look for yourself at Michigan State University’s Anaerobic Digestion Research and Education Center through June 23. Digested Organics will be onsite demonstrating how their technology functions by running test samples from food processors, farmers with manure management issues, and anyone with wastewater challenges.

Digested Organics has successfully installed their technology onsite at Wisconsin-based Majestic Crossing Dairy to process their daily manure volume of 20,000 gallons into clean water for farm use and surface water discharge, while at the same time harvesting energy through biogas generation. The water that is produced from the manure is so clean that Majestic Dairy has obtained a surface water discharge permit from the DEQ, a permit that has stringent requirements.

Initially targeting food waste from grocery stores and food processors as well as solids from municipal wastewater treatment systems, owner Bobby Levine soon saw the tremendous opportunity to help dairy and swine operations manage their manure and nutrients more effectively. With 425,000 dairy cows and 2,000 swine farms in the State of Michigan, Levine began looking for ways to connect with those producers and reached out to ACRE AgTech for assistance.

ACRE’s Business Development Manager, Doug Huesdash, got to know Levine, his team, and their products in order to determine how ACRE’s services could benefit their organization. It soon became clear that this would be a mutually beneficial relationship.

"The ACRE team has been responsive to our needs before and since becoming a client. They helped us secure a Michigan based sales representative almost immediately as well as several new customer contacts,” said Levine. “We value the connections and business expertise they have and look forward to continuing to work with ACRE to reach our goals."

For more information about Digested Organics LLC or if you are interested in providing a sample, please contact Dan Morton, their sales representative, at 616-437-3294 or visit their website. For more information about ACRE AgTech, visit their website or call 616-994-4745.