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Farm News Five: AgriPac endorses Schuette

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Michigan Farm Bureau’s (MFB) AgriPac, with guidance from the local grass-roots effort of 65 county Farm Bureau candidate evaluation committees, has endorsed Bill Schuette for governor in the Nov. 6 general election.

Pressure is mounting on the Trump administration to restore the integrity of the Renewable Fuel Standard and allow year-round sales of E15 and other mid-level ethanol fuel blends. A number of agriculture organizations sent a letter to the president this week making the request, while also warning him that thousands of biofuel manufacturing and farming jobs are at risk. Michigan Farm Bureau President Carl Bednarski says crop contracts for corn have lost 18 percent of their value since May, which comes out to more than $230 million in lost profit for Michigan’s corn producers.

Michigan’s asparagus growers are eying new marketing channels, as demand for frozen and canned asparagus decreases and more consumers crave fresh stalks. This follows a national trend: Fresh market production is up 16 percent, while processed production is down 3 percent. This year, Michigan growers harvested 238 million pounds of asparagus good for nearly one-third of asparagus production in the United States.

Chris Betz with the Michigan Agricultural Commodities will wrap-up Farm News Five with the week’s market report.