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Grass Roots Voices: Young Farmer Kayla Delong

Category: People

by Kayla DeLong

Kayla Delong with her husband Joseph and their two girls.

I really value the education, opportunity and involvement the Young Farmer program provides me and all Young Farmers.

First, I’ve had the opportunity to learn more about agriculture and what Farm Bureau stands for as a whole. And I’ve been given the chance to attend important Farm Bureau events at minimal or no cost to me.

The involvement in this program has allowed me to build lasting friendships with other Young Farmers, while also allowing me the privilege of volunteering to promote agriculture.


Ogemaw County farmer Kayla DeLong sits on MFB’s State Young Farmer Committee.

Young Farmer programming is supported in part by the Michigan Foundation for Agriculture, a 501c3 formed by Michigan Farm Bureau. Donations to the foundation help support its mission to support the future of Michigan agriculture through leadership and educational programming.

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