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High-Risk Areas established for testing around TB positive deer

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by MDARD; Farm News Media

Livestock owners in selected township sections within a 15-mile radius of TB-positive white-tailed deer, designated as a “High-Risk Area,” can expect to be contacted directly by MDARD to schedule TB testing of their herd.

LANSING – The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) has designated parts of Iosco and Ogemaw counties as a “Potential High-Risk Area” for bovine tuberculosis.

The designation is a result of a free-ranging white-tailed deer in Alcona County testing positive for bovine TB, as confirmed by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MDNR). Anytime a positive deer is identified, all cattle and bison herds located within a 15-mile radius of the deer must be tested for bovine TB within six months.

This designation testing excludes counties where annual testing already occurs, like Alcona County. The circle in Iosco and Ogemaw counties involves the following townships and sections:

  • Iosco County, Oscoda Township
    T24N R6E sections 1-34
    T24N R7E sections 4-9 and 17-19
  • Iosco County, Plainfield Township
    T24N R5E sections 1-36
    T23N R5E sections 1-6
    T23N R6E sections 5-6
  • Ogemaw County, Rose Township
    T24N R3E sections 1-17, 21-27, and 36
  • Ogemaw County, Goodar Township
    T24N R4E sections 1-36
  • Ogemaw County, Hill Township
    T23N R4E sections 1-5

Herd owners in these township sections are being contacted directly by MDARD to schedule testing. Additionally, an informational meeting to discuss testing and the “Potential High-Risk Area” designation will be held on:

  • Thursday, May 2, 2019, at 7:00 p.m.
    Rose Township Hall
    3380 Lupton Rd., Lupton, MI 48635

Cattle and bison herds are tested to ensure the disease has not spread from local deer to cattle or bison, which not only protects Michigan’s cattle industry, but also helps reassure Michigan’s trading partners that all necessary steps are being taken to protect the health of the herds.

If you are a herd owner in these township sections, questions about testing can be directed to MDARD’s Atlanta Office at 888-565-8626.