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Serious about drones? Attend the Tri-State UAV Field Day Aug. 27

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by Ricardo Costa MSU Extension, Field Crops Educator/Farm News Media

Since the Part 107 rule from the Federal Aviation Administration went into effect in August 2017, more than 60,000 people have obtained a remote pilot certificate. More than 80,000 individual UAVs have been registered for commercial and government purposes.

If you are interested in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones, save the date for Aug. 27, 2018 and make plan to travel to Ohio for a UAV workshop to learn more about data collection and geographic data analysis using drones.

Michigan State University Extension is partnering with Purdue Extension and Ohio State University Extension to present the first Tri-State UAV field meeting at Joe Hays Farm, 5630 CO RD P-50 in Montpelier, OH 43543.

Michigan Farm Bureau Ag Ecology Department Manager Laura Campbell encourages producers to consider attending the workshop, to at least learn more about what drones can provide in cropping and nutrient management decisions.

"Having the ability to get fast, complete, and detailed information about crop and soil conditions can not only give farmers a jump on steps they need to take to protect yields, but can also help them with stewardship planning.” Campbell said.


According to Campbell, drones can help identify areas of a field prone to erosion, runoff, loss of nutrients, or where soil health needs a boost can help farmers keep their valuable soil and nutrients on the field and out of waterways.

“UAVs can help farmers identify what and where they can improve practices to improve both their economic and environmental performance, and this field day will walk them through how to make those tools work for them,” Campbell said.

Campbell said as the growth in commercial use of UAVs grows, crop consultants and retail agronomists are increasingly using the tools to help farmers make agronomic decisions based on data. The capabilities of drones have also increased, with some systems now able to collect aerial imagery on 400 acres in 45 minutes. In line with the capacity of acres flown, the timeliness in reviewing data has improved. Many UAVs show a “quick view” of a flight by using a lower resolution image.

The cost to attend this meeting is $20 (lunch included). Participants will learn how UAVs can be used in agricultural operations and how to become licensed to fly a drone.

There will be demo flights by MSU Extension and Purdue Extension. Certified Crop Advisor (CCA) credits will be offered to field day participants.

Please register by Aug. 22 by contacting one of the following: Ricardo Costa, [email protected], 573-639-8971; Crystal Van Pelt, [email protected], 260-668-100; John M. Schoenhals, [email protected], 419-636-5608.

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