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 Michigan Farm News


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  • Farmers back Snyder for governor with early endorsement

    Category: Politics

    by Michigan Farm Bureau

    Snyder and Wayne

    “Michigan’s farmers have a powerful ally in the governor’s office,” said Matt Kapp, MFB’s government relations specialist. “He balances budgets and balances the simultaneous need for private-sector prosperity and sound, common-sense regulation.

    Olivet FFA Chapter needs your help

    Category: People

    Olivet FFA Fire

    After a devastating fire, Olivet FFA is raising money to rebuild a barn destroyed in the blaze.

    Accurate Agriculture Books Distributed to Michigan Legislators

    Category: Front Page News

    The accurate agriculture book "The Beeman" was recently distributed by Michigan Farm Bureau's Promotion & Education Department to Michigan legislators serving on both the House and Senate Agriculture Committees. Lawmakers such as State Rep Rick Outman went into the schools and read the book to school children.

    Onions in the health care ointment

    Category: Front Page News

    by Paul W. Jackson

    Migrant insurance

    No employer is required to offer insurance if he's willing to pay the government penalty. It's up to the farm to decide if it would rather pay the $2,000 per-head penalty or offer coverage.

    Michigan milk production moves into seventh place

    Category: Livestock

    by Phil Durst, Michigan State University Extension

    Milk production

    Continued growth in Michigan dairy production pushes it up to become the seventh leading dairy state, bringing great economic impact to Michigan.

    Go green at annual seminar

    Category: Front Page News

    by MFB

    The annual event, sponsored as always by Michigan Farm Bureau, is set for June 16-18 at MSU. Cost is $230 per student, although the cost can be lessened considerably with a sponsor or scholarship from county Farm Bureau offices.

    Let's have a talk...

    Category: Front Page News

    by Paul W. Jackson

    Reids MAEAP

    "We're looking at two generations with zero knowledge of farming, Jim Reids says, "so we as farmers have to step it up. We've always been environmentalists, now we have to show it. The MAEAP sign helps."

    What is the best time to plant corn in Michigan?

    Category: Crops

    by George Silva, MSUE

    corn planting

    Planting date research has shown that the optimum corn planting period for much of Michigan is the beginning to middle of May. There are no agronomic or economic advantages to planting corn before April 20.

    Michigan consumer confidence on the upswing

    Category: Markets & Weather

    by MSU


    People’s assessments of their financial situation are highly subjective, and they depend a lot on what people are accustomed to.

    Winter leaves growers anxious to get started

    Category: Front Page News

    Michigan's sugar beet growers anxiously wait for the spring thaw to begin planting. Clay Crumbaugh of Crumbaugh Legacy Inc., is one such grower. He says though winter's been long, the outlook for planting sugar beet seed is on-track, and even if it's mid-May like last year, growers should be in good shape.

    Craft beer industry gets boost with new laws

    Category: Front Page News

    by the Michigan governor’s office

    craft beer law

    “Michigan-made beer is award winning and world renowned,” Snyder said. “We have the fifth-largest number of microbreweries and brewpubs in the nation, and this legislation will empower our great craft beer industry to keep growing.”

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    Farm bill: Decisions, decisions

    Law of the Land

    Brion Doyle | April 11, 2014

    Brion DoyleThe 2014 farm bill provides several noteworthy developments and changes for crop insurance that will take effect beginning in the 2015 crop year.

    Volatility continues

    Market Outlook

    Jim Hilker | April 11, 2014

    Jim HilkerWhile there are still many unknowns, the March 1 Quarterly Hog and Pigs Report released March 28 showed how nasty the PEDv is, and many suggest that it probably underestimated losses. 

    Investing in the Dairy Business?

    Dollars and Sense

    Greenstone FCS | April 11, 2014

    Ben Spitzley This year looks to be one that dairy farmers can
    improve their balance sheets and reinvest in their businesses with capital
    replacement and/or growth.

    Spring not quite ready yet

    Weather Outlook

    Jeff Andresen | March 31, 2014

    Jeff Andresen pngWhile a continuation of colder-than-normal temperatures and normal to below-normal precipitation totals is likely through early April, these changes suggest some moderation of temperatures by mid-April.

    Two reports that need attention

    Market Outlook

    Dr. Jim Hilker | March 31, 2014

    Jim Hilker pngOne of the big reasons the survey is taken is that it gives the market a chance to react to producers' plans, which gives producers a chance to change their planting decisions if necessary. Producers have been very nimble in changing actual plantings given new information.