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  • Diesel fuel prices approach four-year high

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    by Farm News Media


    As of May 2, 2018, U.S. average price of $3.157 – a level last seen in January 2015.

    FSA’s 2018 acreage reporting dates outlined

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    by USDA


    There are some exceptions to the reporting dates.

    Water up and irrigate in

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    by Lyndon Kelley, MSUE


    Newly emerged corn and soybeans use less than 0.5 inch water per week, but many annuals like wheat and rye will dry the soil to a depth of 2–3 feet, leaving the crop dependent on timely rain or irrigation.

    Asparagus growers approve continuation referendum

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    by MDARD, Farm News Media


    The program will continue for an additional five years, beginning June 8, 2018, and ending June 7, 2023. The current assessment is at a rate not to exceed two cents per pound.

    Will rising fuel prices show up at your grocery store?

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    by Farm News Media


    The good news for Michigan consumers? “As the second most diverse agricultural state in the country, consumers can expect an ample supply of locally produced specialty crop fruits and vegetables in their supermarkets and local farmers’ markets this summer,” Robson said.

    Farm voices challenge farm bill guts

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    by Farm Policy Facts


    Given current economic conditions and the fiscal achievements of the farm bill, we strongly urge members not to impose even greater burdens on farmers by attaching harmful amendments during House floor consideration of the farm bill. 

    Is it time to hedge your fuel pricing bet?

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    by Farm News Media

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    While both off-road and on-road diesel fuels have already seen a significant price increase, it could get worse. Bank of America analysts has released a report predicting that crude oil, currently at $77 per barrel could be headed back to $100 in 2019.

    Southwest Michigan pesticide collection date nears

    Category: People, Crops

    by Joanne Davidhizar, MSUE


    For a directory of other Clean Sweep coordinators and events in Michigan, visit the official website, call 517-284-5612 or email [email protected]

    Bill would let farmers tap into growing industrial hemp market

    Category: Crops

    by AFBF


    “Policymakers in Washington, D.C., and state houses across the country recognize the tremendous potential that industrial hemp can offer farmers as an effective rotational crop with promising economic benefits,” AFBF President Zippy Duvall wrote.

    The power of your voice

    Category: Crops

    by Carl Bednarski, President, Michigan Farm Bureau


    We all struggle with different things at times, but when we stand together, we lighten the load and are able to truly represent a united industry. It’s opportunities like these that show us how strong our voice can be.

    The importance of first cutting alfalfa: Quality versus yield

    Category: Crops

    by Phil Kaatz, MSUE


    First-cutting alfalfa has historically been the highest-yielding cutting of the year

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