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  • Profitable soybean nutrient management – Part II

    Category: Crops

    by Mike Staton, Michigan State University Extension, Farm News Media


    The following nutrient management recommendations by Michigan State University Extension will help you maximize your soybean income.

    Interseeding alfalfa into corn silage jumpstarts next-year forage yield

    Category: Crops

    by Dean Peterson


    Alfalfa interseeded into corn planted for silage provides a winter cover for the soil and helps maintain soil organic matter and overall soil productivity. It can also mitigate the yield decline and higher input costs sometimes associated with continuous corn silage.

    What is the economic value of your manure?

    Category: Crops

    by Christina Curell, MSUE


    Here are key principles and points that growers can use determine the economic value of manure.

    New plant protection method on the horizon

    Category: Technology, Crops

    by Seed World


    The vaccine can be targeted to the chosen pathogen by using RNA molecules which share sequence identity with the pest’s genes and prevents their expression.

    Part 1: Profitable soybean nutrient management

    Category: Crops

    by Mike Staton, MSUE; Farm News Media


    The following nutrient management recommendations by Michigan State University Extension will help you maximize your soybean income.

    Reducing soybean planting rates can be profitable

    Category: Crops

    by Mike Staton, MSUE


    It is impressive how consistently well the 130,000 planting rate performed across 33 trials and three growing seasons.

    Michigan sugar beet farmers look for price relief

    Category: Crops

    by American Sugar Alliance


    The American Sugar Alliance documented several Michigan sugar beet growers as part of a new series meant to show lawmakers what’s at stake as they debate the future of sugar policy.

    Repairing last fall’s harvest ruts this spring

    Category: Crops

    by Mike Staton, MSUE


    All ruts deeper than your projected planting depth must be leveled prior to planting for planters and drills to perform properly.

    The best time to plant corn in Michigan?

    Category: Crops

    by George Silva, MSUE


    Numerous studies have shown that there were no agronomic or economic advantages to planting corn before April 20. For much of Michigan, the optimum corn planting period usually is from the beginning to middle of May.

    Fixing soybean’s need for nitrogen

    Category: Crops

    by Seed World


    It’s possible to increase the number of soybean root nodules–and the bacteria that live there–to increase crop yields. This could remove the need to apply additional nitrogen fertilizers.

    Engulfment training can save lives

    Category: Crops

    by Farm News Media

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    Avoid grain engulfment tragedy.

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