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Delayed planting resources available through MSU Extension

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by MSU Extension; Farm News Media

Because Michigan farmers are facing difficult planting and farm management decisions after weeks of unrelenting rainfall, MSU Extension is offering educational resources and programs to help farmers as they deal with delayed planting seasons.

Throughout Michigan and the Midwest, prolonged wet weather and flooding have put farmers in a difficult position as spring planting season is coming to a close. With unprecedented rainfall, farmers have had to delay planting and adjust management practices. MSU Extension has a statewide network of agricultural educators tracking growing conditions, speaking with farmers and writing educational articles about how farmers can adjust to these inhospitable conditions and difficult choices.

MSU Extension also has programming dedicated to serving farmers under stress — whether it be physical, financial, emotional or some combination of pressures. If you're a farmer who is struggling, find an MSU Extension expert who can help you or ask a question online so we can connect you to proper resources.

Interested farmers can visit MSU Extension’s website here, where they can sign up for news and updates as well as submit questions.

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