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Unlocking data with new member benefit

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by Farm News Media

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“We were impressed with the FBN platform’s ability to work with all data, regardless of origination source, and the additional benefits of price transparency features.”

Michigan Farm Bureau (MFB) and Farmers Business Network℠ (FBN℠), are announcing a new statewide member service discount program for Farm Bureau members. Michigan Farm Bureau members will receive a discount on FBN Membership providing access to all FBN products and services including:

  • Agronomic data-warehousing and analysis – all precision files, innovative maps, weather, and NVDI data
  • Seed Finder – a seed performance database with millions of acres of results across more than 3,000 seed varieties and hybrids.
  • Price Transparency – A database of real invoice prices paid for seed and chemicals, giving farmers price negotiating power
  • FBN Direct™ - An easy way to purchase and save on ag inputs including delivery to farm, returns, and price drop protection.
  • FBN Crop Marketing™ - Independent, innovative, and exclusive production contracts, pricing contracts, and market insights that help you gain wider access to markets and premium prices.

Launched in 2014 by farmers wanting to develop an independent and unbiased information source that would allow farmers to compare inputs, management practices, and yield results, the network now represents more than 17 million unique crop acres of farm land.

“When innovative farmers met with technologists, scientists, and entrepreneurs, they realized they could learn much more by unlocking the true power of the precision farm data they’d already paid for and collected.” said FBN co-founder Charles Baron.

Dennis Rudat, MFB Director of Media and Corporate Relations and co-chair of the organization’s Farm Business Services team, said the organization had been looking for a member service option that offered a truly autonomous and independent data-warehousing platform for planting and yield maps, soil maps and ‑ potentially ‑ drone data as well.

“Many of the options we considered were either in the very early stages of development, or were unique to specific systems and manufacturers,” Rudat said. “We were impressed with the FBN platform’s ability to work with all data, regardless of origination source, and the additional benefits of price transparency features.”

The FBN analytics platform works with more than 60 precision monitor types and formats, including MyJohnDeere. Members can have historical data from yield, soil test, VRA fertility, chemicals, and planting files analyzed with no acreage fees — and add unlimited acres and years of data from their farm at no additional cost.

Although FBN farmer-members originally focused on tracking and assimilating objective information on seeds, fertility, and soil in hopes of discovering additional agronomic management insight, the scope of the network has since expanded, focusing on price transparency, direct purchasing and, most recently, marketing information services.

“As each new farmer joins the FBN Network, every member’s seed information, agronomic analytics, and buying power gets stronger,” Baron said. “When farmers connect, farmers win - and the services, technology, and benefits keep growing.”

Following a “Farmers First” philosophy, the FBN network provides farmers powerful agronomic and financial insights.

FBN members receive comprehensive analytics on seed performance, agronomic practices, input prices, yield benchmarking and more, based on more than 128 million acre-events of real world data from the FBN community of farms.

FBN Direct works directly with input manufacturers to deliver members substantially reduced input prices—saving members thousands. And FBN Crop Marketing works with food and buyers to find unique opportunities for member, backed by data.