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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How can I contact the Editor?

You can contact the editor via e-mail at: [email protected], or by telephone at 800-292-2680 ext. 6540.

Q. I'd like to place an ad. What should I do?

Learn more about advertising rate information. You may also contact Tim Rogers, Advertising Sales Manager of the Michigan Farm News by e-mail at: [email protected], or by telephone (517) 323-6543.

Q. How do I place a classified ad?

For more information on classified ads, please call 855-817-3077. Learn more about Michigan Farm News classified ad rates and specifications. 

Q. How often is Michigan Farm News published?

The Michigan Farm News is published 20 times a year, or on the 15th and 30th of every month with the following exceptions: May, June, July, and December when only one issue is published.

Q. How do I change my subscription address?

Address changes can be made by calling 800-292-2680 ext. 5435.

Q. How do I discontinue my subscription?

If you'd like to stop receiving Michigan Farm News please call 800-292-2680 ext. 5435.

Q. I have a story idea. Who should I send it to?

Story ideas can be submitted to the editor via e-mail. We will consider story ideas, but there is no guarantee they will be published. Submit your story ideas to [email protected]

Q. Can I reproduce/reprint articles from Michigan Farm News?

Yes, but only with prior permission from the editor.

Q. I'd like to get a copy of an older issue, what can I do?

If you're looking for a specific story, you may want to consider searching our web archive. If you can't find what you're looking for, or would still like a copy of a past issue please call 800-292-2680 ext. 5435.

Q. I missed an issue of Michigan Farm News, what should I do?

Please call 800-292-2680 ext. 5435.

Q. I'm looking for an article that ran in an old issue, but I can't find it on your Web site. What gives?

Although there is an extensive archive of issues on the Michigan Farm News Web site, not every article from every issue is published. If you can't find the article your looking for, please call 800-292-2680 ext. 5435 and we can try to email or mail you a copy.