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  • MSU research to improve pig well-being through breeding

    Category: Livestock

    by Holly Whetstone , Layne Cameron

    Juan Steibel

    Michigan State University animal geneticist Juan Steibel is leading a group of researchers to develop methods to breed pigs that are less aggressive.

    Select sires to acquire accelerated genetics

    Category: Livestock

    by Select Sires News Release

    Select Sires

    The board of directors for Select Sires Inc., and Accelerated Genetics have reached a unanimous decision to unify the two cooperatives.

    Michigan dairy production increases continued in May

    Category: Livestock

    cows in pasture

    Despite what most would call an economically challenging time for dairy producers, Michigan dairy production increases continue.

    Five tips to help calves beat the summer heat & dehydration

    Category: Livestock

    by Hoard's Dairyman

    calf preconditioning

    As summer heats up, you may find yourself spending more time in the pool, enjoying ice-cold drinks and sitting in air conditioning to keep cool.

    NAFTA has been good for dairy

    Category: Livestock

    by AFBF


    In 2016, nearly 40 percent of all U.S. dairy product exports made their way to our NAFTA partners, but recent moves by the governments of the United States, Mexico and Canada could lead to a change in these important markets.

    TB affected area hosts MI Senate ag committee hearing

    Category: Farm News Stories

    by Farm News Media

    Video icon

    On June 12, 2017, the Michigan Senate Ag Committee held a hearing in Alcona county, taking testimony from residents on matters related to bovine tuberculosis.

    U.S. beef headed to China for the first time in 14 years

    Category: Livestock

    beef cattle 4

    Nebraska beef producers earned bragging rights this week, with the first shipment of U.S. produced beef to be exported to China in 14 years, thanks to a recently negotiated trade deal.

    Milk once a day – for life

    Category: Livestock

    by Paul W. Jackson

    Neil Waikato Dairyman

    Tractors on the farm are used only to haul milk to his calves, which are born beginning in July.

    Survey: More consumers concerned about animal welfare

    Category: Livestock

    by Feedstuffs Foodlink

    antibiotic label 2

    Food companies are making changes in supply chain.

    CDC fowl warning: Hundreds sickened by backyard flocks

    Category: People

    by Coral Beach, Food Safety News

    backyard chickens

    Public health officials interviewed 228 of the sick people and 190, or 83 percent, reported contact with live poultry in the week before they became ill.

    Cattlemen’s Summer Round-Up coming soon

    Category: Livestock

    by MCA


    Cattlemen to gather in Greater Lansing area for annual summer event

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  • Columns

    Dairy: an unenviable position

    Dollars and Sense

    GreenStone FCS | June 6, 2017 

    Ben SpitzleyThe dairy industry is facing a challenging time, a cyclical downturn that’s lasted longer than in previous cycles, and is expected to continue for at least the near-term.

    Challenges and opportunities for young, beginning and small farmers

    Dollars and Sense

    GreenStone FCS | May 3, 2017 

    Ashley Den DulkFarming is a challenging undertaking, with long days that start early and are filled with physical demands from running the tractor to calving cows to fixing equipment to repairing fence posts.

    Create a gun trust

    Law of the Land

    Varnum LLP | May 3, 2017 

    Reisner 2I am frequently asked "what is a gun trust and when should I create one?" The short answer is that gun trusts are created primarily to acquire, possess and use firearms regulated by the National Firearms Act of 1934 (the NFA).

    Important considerations for capital investments

    Dollars and Sense

    GreenStone FCS | April 24, 2017 

     Leo PaschFor many farmers, it seems hardly a year goes by without some form of capital investment, whether in equipment, facilities, livestock or land.

    What's the status of WOTUS?

    Law of the Land

    Varnum LLP | April 3, 2017 

     PhelpsThe EPA and Army Corps had been without a valid WOTUS definition for some time.