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  • Bovine TB identified in Alcona County beef herd

    Category: Livestock

    by MDARD


    The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) has announced that bovine tuberculosis has been confirmed in a large beef herd in Alcona County.

    How much will dairy revenue protection cost?

    Category: Livestock

    by Dr. John Newton, American Farm Bureau Chief Economist; Farm News Media


    Affordable Dairy Revenue Protection (DRP) insurance, an area-based quarterly revenue insurance product to protect against quarterly declines in revenue from milk sales, is now officially available for purchase by Michigan dairy farmers as of October 9.

    Seven steps to minimize African Swine Fever risk

    Category: Livestock

    by National Pork Producers Council, National Pork Board; Farm News Media


    As the USDA, Homeland Security and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) build up U.S. defenses against a potential African Swine Fever (ASF) outbreak, the National Pork Board, the National Pork Producers Council, the American Association of Swine Veterinarians and the Swine Health Information Center are encouraging producers to remain vigilant with feed ingredients and feedstuffs, including holding times.

    Michigan 4-H members compete in the All-American Dairy Show’s Junior Dairy Management Contest

    Category: Livestock

    by Farm News Media


    Four Michigan 4-H youth traveled to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, in September to compete in the Junior Dairy Management contest at the All-American Dairy Show.

    New type of DDGs promises higher nutritional value

    Category: Livestock

    by Lauren Quinn, University of Illiniois


    As the dry-grind ethanol industry has evolved, the number of co-products available for livestock diets has increased. A new high-protein type of distillers dried grains with solubles, produced through front-end-back-end fractionation, is now commercially available. Researchers from the University of Illinois have evaluated the nutritional value of the ingredient in a recent study published in the Journal of Animal Science.

    NMPF announces FARM Workforce Development resources

    Category: Livestock

    by Farm News Media


    The National Dairy Farmers Assuring Responsible Management (FARM) program has launched its fourth resource component, FARM Workforce Development. The initiative provides U.S. dairy farm owners and managers with educational tools that offer best management practices around human resources – including hiring, training, and supervision – and worker health and safety.


    Corn silage harvest at Bridgewater Dairy

    Category: Livestock, Crops

    by Farm News Media

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    The Farm News Media team was in Montpelier, OH at the Bridgewater Dairy Group on September 20, 2018 for corn silage harvest. This year's corn silage harvest was in full swing as the crew from Seven Farms Custom Ag Services worked to take off the corn crop.

    Pork prospects improve slightly

    Category: Livestock

    by Chris Hurt, Department of Agricultural Economics, Purdue University


    The pork outlook looked bleak in August. Fear of large pork supplies and Mexican and Chinese tariffs on U.S. pork exports appeared disastrous to hog prices. At that time, my forecast was for losses of $40 or more per head in the fall and winter, the worst since 1998. The outlook is still suggesting losses this fall and winter but much less than in August.

    Farmers Union urges fair, consistent use of ‘meat’

    Category: Livestock

    by NFU


    “Existing labeling and marketing laws should be consistently enforced, and regulations should be updated to promote fair competition for producers and the health and safety of consumers.”

    Identify mold growth and protect your feed quality

    Category: Livestock

    by Alltech


    How do weather patterns affect the crops, and what should you be looking for in your feed this fall?

    Beware of manure gas dangers this fall

    Category: Livestock, Crops

    by Erica Rogers, Environmental Management Educator, MSU Extension


    By understanding the dangerous gases found in manure, knowing the warning signs of a person who is experiencing high concentrations of manure gases and implementing safe practices when working around manure, there is the potential for fewer accidents and deaths.

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    Benchmark data shows steady trends in land values

    GreenStone FCS | October 15, 2018 

    Leasing equipment, facilities or vehicles often can bring benefits to businesses looking to reduce costs, improve cash flow and maximize tax advantages. Understanding if a lease is best for your business requires individual consideration, but there are some overall benefits of leasing that may make it the right decision for you. 

    Weather Outlook: Active weather pattern to continue

    Jeff Andresen | October 15, 2018

     Jeff Andresen pngThe resulting southwesterly flow across the Midwest led to a very active storm track across the region, and in many portions of Michigan, to heavy rainfall and extended fall fieldwork delays extending into early October.

    Field Focus- October 15, 2018

    Your Field Focus reporters are busier than ever with harvest in full swing. Looks like they’re all optimistic about 2018 and into the future. Be sure to thank them for their reports this year and for their contributions to agriculture and society as a whole. 

    Field Focus- September 30, 2018

    Your Field Focus reporters are busier than ever with harvest in full swing. Looks like they’re all optimistic about 2018 and into the future. Be sure to thank them for their reports this year and for their contributions to agriculture and society as a whole. 


    Prepare for harvest rain

    Jeff Andresen | September 30, 2018

     Jeff Andresen pngA strengthening upper-air ridge across the Midwest brought warm, dry weather to most of Michigan during the middle of September, allowing maturing crops and soils to dry/drain following a period of much- above normal rainfall during late August and September.