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  • Salmonella outbreaks linked to backyard poultry

    Category: Livestock

    by Food Safety News


    Last year the United States experienced the most substantial number of illnesses linked to contact with backyard poultry ever recorded by CDC.

    U.S. beef exports remain strong

    Category: Livestock

    by James G. Robb, Livestock Marketing Information Center Director, Oklahoma State University


    The value of the Mexican peso could drop versus the U.S. dollar, mitigating, at least partially, the short-term impacts of any new tariffs on U.S. exports to that country. 

    Biosecurity—as easy as 1, 2, 3

    Category: Livestock

    by Katie Ockert, MSUE


    Biosecurity related to 4-H projects is a matter of high priority. Taking simple precautions will protect animals, members and consumers.

    2018 cattlemen’s summer round –up set

    Category: Livestock

    by MCA


    Cattlemen to gather in Escanaba for education and fellowship

    Experience Encirca 2018: Planting

    Category: Livestock

    by Encirca services

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    Chris Weaver, Operations Manager at Bridgewater Dairy, talks about how Encirca® services makes the planting season effortless for their operation..

    U.S. Dairy Herd Shrinks in March

    Category: Livestock

    by Livestock Marketing Information Center


    A short-term recovery in milk and dairy product values has been underway since March, which could curtail continued declines in the milk cow herd.

    Have you sharpened your calf raising pencil?

    Category: Livestock

    by Faith Cullens, MSUE

    Bottle Calf_MFN_2018

    If calves are short-changed in areas that will result in increased death loss or illness, reduced farm profitability will extend for much longer.

    Animal rights groups fighting each other

    Category: Livestock, Markets & Weather

    by The Humane Farming Association


    Referred to by critics as "the rotten egg initiative," the new measure would explicitly legalize egg industry cages throughout California until, at the very least, 2022.

    VIDEO: 2018 Michigan Beef Expo

    Category: Livestock

    by Farm News Media

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    The Michigan Beef Expo held its 29th annual show and sale. With sales featuring some of the best genetics in the state, a large trade show and the junior show for the next generation of cattle growers, the Expo is one of the year's most anticipated events.

    MSU offers response training for livestock transportation rollovers

    Category: Livestock

    by Elizabeth Ferry, MSUE


    This event held May 11 and 12 at the Calhoun County Fairgrounds is aimed at helping response teams plan and train to respond to rollover livestock accidents.

    Pork tariffs sour industry outlook

    Category: Livestock

    by Chris Hurt, Department of Agricultural Economics, Purdue University


    The tariff will hurt the U.S. pork industry in key states that were generally strong Tump supporters. This gives a potential political victory to China.

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  • Columns

    Breaking entry barriers for new farmers

    Dollars and Sense

    GreenStone FCS | May 23, 2018 

    Farming can be a capital-intense business and with land prices increasing and commodity prices decreasing it may appear impossible for individuals to enter into farming. However, we also know if we are to continue to have access to a safe and affordable food supply, we must have resources available to encourage the next generation of farmers.



    Field Focus - May 15

    Welcome to the 2018 Field Focus feature. This year, six of our seven reporters are members of ProFile, a leadership development program of Michigan Farm Bureau. In each print edition of Michigan Farm News through the growing season, these young farmers will tell you about conditions on their farms and their regions. 

    Use financial reports to assist in guiding business decisions

    Dollars and Sense

    GreenStone FCS | April 24, 2018 

    Are you wondering what the break-even cost is on your cattle operation? Are you unsure what market price you need on your crops to cover inputs? Questioning if you should buy that piece of equipment this year or next year to minimize income taxes?



    The value of financial benchmarks

    Dollars and Sense

    GreenStone FCS | March 24, 2018 

    Financial benchmarks provide farmers key insights into how their operation is performing financially and help identify areas for improvement.



    Measuring operational efficiencies

    Dollars and Sense

    GreenStone FCS | November 9, 2017 

    In today’s challenging economic times, it is more important than ever to monitor the operational efficiency of your operation.