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  • Taking NAFTA to the next level

    Category: Markets & Weather

    by Zippy Duvall, AFBF President

    canada and us border mfn 2017

    A truly modernized NAFTA will use science-based rules that prevent and resolve unfair trade barriers allegedly erected in the name of protecting animal, plant or human health.

    Make eclipses great again

    Category: Opinion

    by Damian Mason

    eclipse mfn 2017

    Contrary to what you’ll likely hear on CNN, the dark sky on August 21 is not Donald Trump’s fault, nor is it to be blamed on the Russians.

    EPA’s ‘dirty rotten scoundrels’

    Category: Opinion

    by Doug Sombke

    doug sombke mfn 2017

    This opinion was first published by the Argus Leader in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

    Mosquito season is here: Fight the bite and protect your horses

    Category: Opinion

    by Dr. James Averill

    wnv mfn 2017

    In addition to vaccination, horse owners should protect their horses against mosquitoes by applying repellent, eliminating standing water and bringing horses indoors from early evening until after sunrise when mosquitoes are out in full force.

    Voices, old and new

    Category: Opinion

    by Carl Bednarski, President, Michigan Farm Bureau

    ffa state annual mfn 2017

    We see today more than ever how important ag education is becoming in our society and how often we wish it reached further, enabling an understanding of farming, trust in farmers, and fact-based conversation.

    Amazon wants to be your online supermarket

    Category: Opinion

    by Stewart Truelsen

    shopping cart

    Increasingly, groceries will be sold online and delivered to the door or a distribution point for pick-up.

    Why we can’t build infrastructure like we used to

    Category: Opinion

    by Thomas M. Doran, Mackinac Center for Public Policy

    bad road

    Regulatory burdens are just as much to blame as political gridlock for the slow pace of infrastructure improvements.

    Trump’s Cuba policy could impact U.S. agriculture, other exports

    Category: Politics

    by Louis Dejoie and Debra P. Fourlas McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC

    ship 2

    Sales into Cuba from the U.S. have declined in recent years, while sales from the rest of the world have increased.

    Share your story, help get best farm bill

    Category: Opinion

    by Zippy Duvall

    farmers talking

    We had real-world examples of farmers doing the right things, just trying to make a living from the farm, and facing overregulation and extortion by the Environmental Protection Agency. Those examples brought the issue of overregulation to life.

    Congress needs more agriculture committees

    Category: Opinion

    by Farm Policy Facts

    farmers coffee

    As Senate Agriculture Committee Chairman Pat Roberts recently said, "Agriculture has already given at the store."

    Clock ticking for farmers on tax reform

    Category: Opinion

    by Zippy Duvall

    4wd tractor john deere

    No matter its size, no farm should be shut out from the deductions and provisions that are designed to help businesses create jobs and boost the economy.

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  • Columns

    Tips to prepare now for H-2A next year

    Law of the Land

    Varnum LLP | July 6, 2017 

    Kimberly Clark pngAs more employers plan to use the H-2A program, completing the following items this year will make an easier transition to H-2A employment.

    Dairy: an unenviable position

    Dollars and Sense

    GreenStone FCS | June 6, 2017 

    Ben SpitzleyThe dairy industry is facing a challenging time, a cyclical downturn that’s lasted longer than in previous cycles, and is expected to continue for at least the near-term.

    Challenges and opportunities for young, beginning and small farmers

    Dollars and Sense

    GreenStone FCS | May 3, 2017 

    Ashley Den DulkFarming is a challenging undertaking, with long days that start early and are filled with physical demands from running the tractor to calving cows to fixing equipment to repairing fence posts.

    Create a gun trust

    Law of the Land

    Varnum LLP | May 3, 2017 

    Reisner 2I am frequently asked "what is a gun trust and when should I create one?" The short answer is that gun trusts are created primarily to acquire, possess and use firearms regulated by the National Firearms Act of 1934 (the NFA).

    Important considerations for capital investments

    Dollars and Sense

    GreenStone FCS | April 24, 2017 

     Leo PaschFor many farmers, it seems hardly a year goes by without some form of capital investment, whether in equipment, facilities, livestock or land.