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  • Anti-farmer legislation rings hollow

    Category: Opinion

    by Farm Policy Facts

    sugar beets large

    If you farm, chances are good the lawmakers took a swipe at your livelihood last week.

    Tax proposal not perfect, but good for Michigan

    Category: Opinion, Politics

    by Michael D. LaFaive, Mackinac Center for Public Policy

    Farmer with Form_MFN_2017

    The money Washington takes from us doesn’t belong to some unprotected class of government employees, it belongs to those who earn it in the first place.

    New EPA air emissions reporting requirements start Nov. 15

    Category: Opinion

    by Herman Hofman

    manure pit 2

    Alternatively, owners can follow a streamlined reporting process known as "continuous release reporting."

    Grassroots and priorities

    Category: Opinion

    by Carl Bednarski, President of Michigan Farm Bureau

    Grassed Waterway (MSU-2) 2

    Part of the problem with CRP contracts stems from confusion over whether or not filter strips can be placed along drains.

    Worker shortage threatens U.S. ag sustainability

    Category: Opinion

    by Zippy Duvall, president, AFBF

    apple picking

    As I’ve said many a time, we’re coming to a point where America will have to decide if we’re going to import workers or import our food.

    Teaming up to revitalize an agricultural industry

    Category: Opinion

    by James Comer and Jim Holte

    hemp with irrigation mfn 2017

    The U.S. is the only major industrialized country that cannot legally grow hemp as a crop.

    What is Farm Bureau doing for me?

    Category: Opinion

    by Carl Bednarski, president, Michigan Farm Bureau

    Farmer working on equipment

    Thanks to our grassroots policy process, MFB is confident in the direction from our members and is able to resolve a lot of things before they become real issues.

    Keep working on tax reform

    Category: Opinion

    by Shiloh Perry

    Farmer working MFN 2017

    The tax-reform framework that was released last week is very promising, but it is only a start and there is still much work to be done.

    Heritage Foundation's farm policy conclusions debunked

    Category: Opinion

    by Farm Policy Facts

    harvest soybeans

    "Relevant data should be presented in ways that inform the discussion . . . rather than in ways that distort information or confuse the debate."

    Staying above the fray on social media

    Category: Opinion

    by Kari Barbic

    mad a cell phone mfn 2017

    If you stay focused on building your reputation as a credible resource, you have a better chance of making all your words count, even if you don’t get the last word.

    Syngenta CEO wants debate on ‘sustainable agriculture’

    Category: Opinion, Crops

    by Seed World

    apple orchard mfn 2017

    Fyrwald says he agrees with the definition of sustainable agriculture recently put forward by French minister Stephane Travert: “The objective is to have affordable food with tools that are safe for the farmers, for consumers, and good for environment.”

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