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  • Time to end the tariffs race

    Category: Opinion

    by Zippy Duvall


    No matter who started it, it’s time to stop it. U.S. – China trade is too important, to both countries, to let this fight continue and escalate further.

    Coalition: wild horses aren't endangered

    Category: Opinion, Politics

    by American Sheep Industry Association


    Unfortunately, the request fails to recognize that it is inappropriate to list a domestic livestock animal under the ESA.

    A powerful voice for agriculture

    Category: Opinion

    by Carl Bednarski, Michigan Farm Bureau President


    I feel fortunate to have such tremendous leadership for Farm Bureau throughout this great state.

    Money for roads doesn’t go where it’s needed most

    Category: Opinion

    by Tom Gantert, Mackinac Center for Public Policy


    The law has not been changed in 67 years, mainly because in a big state there has never been a consensus on how to strike a balance between connecting far-flung communities and having smooth roads within them

    How can you support mental health in agriculture?

    Category: People, Opinion

    by Shawn Brook, president, Issues Ink, via Seed World


    I lost my wife to suicide just over two years ago, and I know the pain that suicide generates. It has taken me two years to find my voice, but I want us to have more conversations, because we are a strong industry and we care for each other.

    Think S.A.V.E. when considering a barn’s future

    Category: Opinion

    by Jan Corey Arnett


    Whether a real barn stays or goes depends on many factors, including the personal attachment owners have for it, but more often than not the amount of money needed to adapt it.  If the barn has been woefully neglected, little thought is given to saving or even salvaging. 

    Ultimately, you’ll be stronger

    Category: Opinion

    by Carl Bednarski, President, Michigan Farm Bureau


    I hope all farmers out there take their opportunities to connect with one another. You often are going to be each other’s best resources.

    It’s almost National Ag Day

    Category: Opinion

    by Joel Johnson, State Executive Director, FSA


    In fiscal year 2017, USDA Farm Loan programs provided $6 billion in support to producers across America, the second highest total in FSA history.

    VIDEO: Stronger together with FBN

    Category: Opinion, Crops, Politics

    by Farm News Media

    Video icon

    American Soybean Association's newly hired CEO, Ryan Findlay highlights key issues for American Soybean growers such as foreign policy, infrastructure and trade.

    The value of financial benchmarks

    Category: People, Opinion

    by Steve Kluemper, Vice President of Credit, and Ian McGonigal, Senior Vice President of Regional Sales, GreenStone Farm Credit Services


    There are three primary metrics every farmer should analyze: the Owner's Equity Ratio, the Current Ratio, and the Debt Service Coverage Ratio.

    Priorities out of whack

    Category: Opinion

    by Farm Policy Facts


    If agriculture ever needed a wake-up call to come together, then the Americans for Tax Reform just rang the bell.

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  • Columns

    The value of financial benchmarks

    Dollars and Sense

    GreenStone FCS | March 24, 2018 

    Financial benchmarks provide farmers key insights into how their operation is performing financially and help identify areas for improvement.



    Measuring operational efficiencies

    Dollars and Sense

    GreenStone FCS | November 9, 2017 

    In today’s challenging economic times, it is more important than ever to monitor the operational efficiency of your operation.

    Apply for building permits at your own risk

    Law of the Land

    Varnum LLP | September 19, 2017 

    Matt ZimmermanIt is generally well accepted that a building permit is not required for buildings used for agricultural purposes if the building does not include retail trade.

    Understanding operating loans

    Dollars and Sense

    GreenStone FCS | September 7, 2017 

    Martin KarperskiFarming is a capital-intensive business, with land, equipment and facilities that can run into millions of dollars.

    Tips to prepare now for H-2A next year

    Law of the Land

    Varnum LLP | July 6, 2017 

    Kimberly Clark pngAs more employers plan to use the H-2A program, completing the following items this year will make an easier transition to H-2A employment.