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  • Defending our right to farm

    Category: Opinion

    by Amelia Kent


    Consumers do not understand most of the challenges and struggles we face on a daily basis. But they have the benefit of an affordable food supply – one that is cheaper than it should be and one for which farmers and/or their crops have been vilified.

    Opinion: Small town policies hinder entrepreneurs

    Category: Opinion

    by C. Jarrett Dieterle and Nick Zaiac, R Street Institute; The Detroit News

    Farm Venue_MFN_2018

    Ryan Nixon’s farm near Dexter, Michigan, has been in his family for 99 years. To help make ends meet, Nixon began looking for new ways to make money from his farm. He started by creating a corn maze for children to play in and, by 2012 — as the farm wedding craze took off — people began inquiring about his barn as a venue.

    Setting the record straight: Your meat and poultry are safe to eat

    Category: Opinion

    by Carmen Rottenberg


    Consumer Reports admits in their closing paragraph that the real agenda behind this piece is to convince Americans to eat less meat. 

    New Treasury rules aim to increase online sales tax compliance, revenue

    Category: Opinion

    by Citizens Research Council of Michigan

    Online Shopping-MFN-2018

    Treasury’s new rules, effective Oct. 1, will require any online retailer that conducts business in Michigan in the amount of $100,000 or more in total sales or 200 or more transactions in the previous calendar year to collect and pay the 6 percent state sales tax.

    Rick Snyder’s fiscal policy: What’s his legacy?

    Category: Opinion

    by James M. Hohman, Mackinac Center for Public Policy


    Michigan’s state budget increased from $26.3 billion to $33.1 billion during the Snyder administration, an 11 percent increase when adjusted for inflation.

    Michigan welcomes U.S. farm leaders, lawmakers at critical time

    Category: Opinion

    by Richard Gerstenberger


    Sugar producers, like other farmers throughout rural America, have been struggling with low prices and unfair trade practices abroad. The result has been a prolonged economic depression in the countryside, mounting pressure on farmers to obtain necessary capital and growing angst about the future.

    FDA oversight won’t unlock gene editing potential

    Category: Opinion

    by National Pork Producers Council


    FDA oversight will treat any gene edited animal as a living animal drug – and every farm raising them a drug manufacturing facility – undermining U.S. agricultural competitiveness

    EU court rules to regulate genome editing as a GMO

    Category: Opinion, Technology

    by Farm News Media


    The European Court of Justice ruled that organisms obtained by gene editing techniques are subject to the same regulations as genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

    Farmer angst grows over foreign actions

    Category: Opinion

    by Farm Policy Facts


    Most products leaving rural America – from corn, cotton and chicken legs to sorghum, sirloins and specialty crops – have been hit hard in recent weeks.

    What's humane and inhumane for chickens?

    Category: Opinion

    by National Association of Egg Farmers


    Forcing chickens into production systems that increase bone breakage is inhumane. How will consumers react to finding round worms in their eggs? 

    ‘Documentary’ film debunked

    Category: People, Opinion

    by U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance


    The film attempts to answer that question without including perspectives from modern farmers and ranchers or the organizations that represent them.

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  • Columns

    Benchmark data shows steady trends in land values

    GreenStone FCS | October 15, 2018 

    Leasing equipment, facilities or vehicles often can bring benefits to businesses looking to reduce costs, improve cash flow and maximize tax advantages. Understanding if a lease is best for your business requires individual consideration, but there are some overall benefits of leasing that may make it the right decision for you. 

    Weather Outlook: Active weather pattern to continue

    Jeff Andresen | October 15, 2018

     Jeff Andresen pngThe resulting southwesterly flow across the Midwest led to a very active storm track across the region, and in many portions of Michigan, to heavy rainfall and extended fall fieldwork delays extending into early October.

    Field Focus- October 15, 2018

    Your Field Focus reporters are busier than ever with harvest in full swing. Looks like they’re all optimistic about 2018 and into the future. Be sure to thank them for their reports this year and for their contributions to agriculture and society as a whole. 

    Field Focus- September 30, 2018

    Your Field Focus reporters are busier than ever with harvest in full swing. Looks like they’re all optimistic about 2018 and into the future. Be sure to thank them for their reports this year and for their contributions to agriculture and society as a whole. 


    Prepare for harvest rain

    Jeff Andresen | September 30, 2018

     Jeff Andresen pngA strengthening upper-air ridge across the Midwest brought warm, dry weather to most of Michigan during the middle of September, allowing maturing crops and soils to dry/drain following a period of much- above normal rainfall during late August and September.