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  • What about water?

    Category: Opinion

    by Carl Bednarski

    clean lake in michigan

    Farmers will not use more water than is necessary. We have the tools and technology to maximize efficiency and minimize loss.

    Ontario & Michigan: Partners for prosperity

    Category: Opinion

    by Jeff Leal, Ontario’s Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

    jeff leal

    Products exported from Michigan to Ontario include baked goods, non-alcoholic beverages and pet food. In 2016, Ontario-Michigan two-way trade totaled $81 billion. Our strong economic partnership creates hundreds of thousands of good jobs on both sides of the border.

    When farmers succeed, America succeeds

    Category: Opinion

    by U.S. Rep. Kevin Brady, the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, as published in Farm Policy Facts

    soybeans sunset

    America's farmers and ranchers need pro-growth policies that will help them compete and win across the globe - but especially here at home.

    Federal spending bill lets the air out of protestor’s tires

    Category: Opinion

    by Jason Hayes, Mackinac Center for Public Policy

    protesting 2

    The EPA actually classified a mere 1,069 out of its 16,205 employees as essential during the 2013 federal government shutdown. So asking department officials to struggle through with an $8.06 billion budget in 2017 — compared to the $8.2 billion they received in 2016 — is not imposing a serious hardship.

    Getting it right: A new approach to agriculture

    Category: Farm News Stories

    by Terry Fleck, executive director of The Center for Food Integrity As originally published in Morning Consult

    vegetable variety 2

    The Food and Drug Administration plans to launch a public outreach campaign regarding the benefits of agricultural biotechnology and biotech crops.

    Fair trade keeps American farms competitive

    Category: Opinion

    by Zippy Duvall, President, AFBF

    ship 2

    Last year, we exported $16.6 billion more agricultural products than we took in, and we’re on track for an even higher surplus in 2017, forecast at $21.5 billion.

    Better science won’t burn livelihoods

    Category: Opinion

    by Thomas Grumbly

    wheat field prime

    As wheat blast is spread by seeds and crop residue, the only option left is to burn the fields where the fungus is suspected.

    Itching to get started

    Category: Opinion

    by Carl Bednarski, President, MFB

    sugar beets large

    When it comes to MFB members, there is never a shortage of talent and experience to pull from.

    Enhanced wildlife biosecurity: An evolving tool vs. TB

    Category: Opinion

    by James Averill, Michigan State Veterinarian

    deer with cow

    One of the tools MDARD continues to use on farms in the northeastern Lower Peninsula is the Wildlife Risk Mitigation (WRM) project.

    Farm labor shortage affects more than U.S.

    Category: Opinion

    by Stewart Truelsen

    immigrant picking grapes

    It is a misconception to think that mechanization can replace most farm workers. Certain farm jobs like tending livestock, pruning vines and trees and picking fresh produce require a human touch.

    …And a holy Earth Day to you

    Category: People

    by Paul W. Jackson

    planet earth from space

    Here’s a way to feel a little redemption if you’re a Michigan farmer.

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  • Columns

    Dairy: an unenviable position

    Dollars and Sense

    GreenStone FCS | June 6, 2017 

    Ben SpitzleyThe dairy industry is facing a challenging time, a cyclical downturn that’s lasted longer than in previous cycles, and is expected to continue for at least the near-term.

    Challenges and opportunities for young, beginning and small farmers

    Dollars and Sense

    GreenStone FCS | May 3, 2017 

    Ashley Den DulkFarming is a challenging undertaking, with long days that start early and are filled with physical demands from running the tractor to calving cows to fixing equipment to repairing fence posts.

    Create a gun trust

    Law of the Land

    Varnum LLP | May 3, 2017 

    Reisner 2I am frequently asked "what is a gun trust and when should I create one?" The short answer is that gun trusts are created primarily to acquire, possess and use firearms regulated by the National Firearms Act of 1934 (the NFA).

    Important considerations for capital investments

    Dollars and Sense

    GreenStone FCS | April 24, 2017 

     Leo PaschFor many farmers, it seems hardly a year goes by without some form of capital investment, whether in equipment, facilities, livestock or land.

    What's the status of WOTUS?

    Law of the Land

    Varnum LLP | April 3, 2017 

     PhelpsThe EPA and Army Corps had been without a valid WOTUS definition for some time.