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  • Monarch butterfly population - why should you care?

    Category: Politics

    by Farm News Media


    "The Endangered Species Act (ESA) has broad authority to restrict activity, … Campbell said. "This includes altering its habitat, which for an insect could include spraying for weeds, mowing, plowing, grazing…

    Act now: Family farms are NOT hazardous waste sites

    Category: Politics

    by AFBF, MFB

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    Common-sense legislation has been introduced in Congress to fix farm reporting requirements of air emissions from animal waste, but your voice is needed to make it a reality.


    Roads get $175 billion more

    Category: Politics

    by Farm News Media, David Maturen

    Roads get a boost

    The money is left over from a previous state government budget cycle and is already available, meaning no budget cuts or additional fees or taxes are required for the investment.


    Organic research funding bill introduced in Senate

    Category: Crops, Politics

    by Seed World

    Organic research funding bill introduced in Senate

    The new Senate bill would allocate a total of $200M over the next five years.

    Michigan Ag Gubernatorial Forum scheduled for March 19

    Category: Politics

    by Michigan Farm Bureau

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    Farm Bureau members are invited to meet the 2018 candidates for governor at the March 19 forum hosted by Michigan agriculture organizations.

    Improvements to Dairy Margin Protection Program outlined

    Category: People, Livestock, Politics

    by Valeria Zavala, AFBF


    This bulletin provides an overview of the MPP modifications and includes a downloadable Excel calculator that can be used to estimate MPP benefits in 2018, as well as in prior years, under the revised program parameters.

    Township zoning: What’s the real poop?

    Category: People, Politics

    by Paul W. Jackson


    “The conditions are illegal,” Kapp said. “Conditions of agricultural uses are determined by the Right-to-Farm law and GAAMPS, not township regulations.”

    Farm Bureau opposes Trump’s USDA budget

    Category: Politics

    by Valeria Zavala, AFBF

    Alternative Energy_MFN_2018

    The president released his administration’s budget Feb. 12 that reduces USDA discretionary funding by 22 percent and imposes an AGI limit of $500,000 on crop insurance.

    Emissions reporting relief bill provides fresh air for agriculture

    Category: Politics

    by AFBF


    "Congress did not intend to regulate farms as toxic Superfund sites," Duvall said. "Farming and ranching are challenging enough without having to report, under threat of law, something that is a routine part of raising animals, but is nearly impossible to predict or measure.

    White House releases infrastructure proposal

    Category: Politics

    by Valeria Zavala, AFBF


    $50 billion of the $200 billion in direct Federal funding will be devoted to a new Rural Infrastructure Program to rebuild and modernize infrastructure in rural America.

    Farm Bureau asks court to block Obama WOTUS rule

    Category: Politics

    by AFBF


    The race to the courthouse follows the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision that the U.S. Court of Appeals lacked jurisdiction over legal challenges to the 2015 rule.

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    Measuring operational efficiencies

    Dollars and Sense

    GreenStone FCS | November 9, 2017 

    In today’s challenging economic times, it is more important than ever to monitor the operational efficiency of your operation.

    Apply for building permits at your own risk

    Law of the Land

    Varnum LLP | September 19, 2017 

    Matt ZimmermanIt is generally well accepted that a building permit is not required for buildings used for agricultural purposes if the building does not include retail trade.

    Understanding operating loans

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    GreenStone FCS | September 7, 2017 

    Martin KarperskiFarming is a capital-intensive business, with land, equipment and facilities that can run into millions of dollars.

    Tips to prepare now for H-2A next year

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    Varnum LLP | July 6, 2017 

    Kimberly Clark pngAs more employers plan to use the H-2A program, completing the following items this year will make an easier transition to H-2A employment.

    Dairy: an unenviable position

    Dollars and Sense

    GreenStone FCS | June 6, 2017 

    Ben SpitzleyThe dairy industry is facing a challenging time, a cyclical downturn that’s lasted longer than in previous cycles, and is expected to continue for at least the near-term.