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Roger Victory gets AgriPac Senate endorsement

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by Farm News Media

As the state representative in the 88th House District, Victory has been a strong "ag-vocate" throughout his six years in the legislature.

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Roger Victory, a former county Farm Bureau President and current owner/operator of Victory Farms, is the AgriPac-endorsed Friend of Agriculture for the 30th Senate District encompassing all of Ottawa County.

As the state representative in the 88th House District, Victory has been a strong “ag-vocate” throughout his six years in the legislature; his steadfast support for policy issues important to farmers demonstrated in part by his 100 percent AgriPac vote record score.

In completing a questionnaire for county Farm Bureau candidate evaluation committees, Victory shared thoughts on trade and how Michigan can work to remove barriers to finding and expanding agricultural product markets.

“As chair of the ag budget committee I have tried to ensure market access across the board for our farmers,” he said. “However, we are facing challenges on the international market that are causing difficulties for our agricultural community. We need to work together and present a unified voice that can influence and direct conversations between MDARD, USDA, Canada, and other trading partners and governmental bodies.

“The more we can streamline and expedite the required inspection process, the faster Michigan producers can get their products to market,” he said. “This will allow them to ship farther and faster, opening up more markets. There are other factors impacting Michigan’s trade opportunities, but on the state level we need to do everything within our control to give Michigan the edge in market access.”

Career and technical education and skilled trades support continues to be a priority for Victory, who is an advisory board member for the Ottawa Careerline Tech Center.

“I am an unwavering advocate for vocational, career and technical education because this is the most direct and effective way to supply our industry with the skilled labor it needs,” he said. “We need to do more to get them into the field via work programs and internships, so they can get real-world experience, develop connections, and find opportunities that keep them here in Michigan.”

He added that as the state continues to promote STEM education and training, we need to make sure agriculture is part of the conversation.

Victory’s other agricultural experience includes serving as a National Council of Agricultural Employees board member, former board chair of the Farmers Co-op Elevator Company, and Michigan Vegetable Council member.