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AgroExpo field demos focus on sprayer technology

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by Farm News Media

Five of the top sprayer manufacturers will be represented at AgroExpo’s demonstration site, offering a close-up look at all of the features of each unit. Attendees can see them in action Aug. 13 and 14 at 9 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Five of the top sprayer manufacturers will be represented at AgroExpo’s demonstration site, offering a close-up look at all of the features of each unit. You’ll get helpful tips on calibration, tip selection, tip wear and sprayer maintenance to name a few. Most importantly, you will get to see them in action as they operate in the demonstration area each day at 9 a.m. and again at 2 p.m.

John Deere R4038 Sprayer


Completely redesigned from the ground up with the latest advances in technology, the smartest cab in its class, higher application rates and smooth-running comfort, John Deere’s R4038 Sprayer can take your productivity to whole new levels, said Tony Rockafellow, commercial application specialist for Baders & Sons.

A 120-foot boom means fewer passes for less compaction and less time spent spraying. Swing link suspension improves stability, allowing the booms to shift horizontally (side-to-side) rather than lateral (up and down) movement, which helps to more accurately maintain spray height above the crop and deliver a precise spray pattern.

Equipped with the Gen 4Extended Monitor option, the operator can monitor quality of the work being done in broad acre, high-speed operations by seeing a second full page run screen on a second interactive touch screen monitor. It also allows the operator to easily make or implement setting adjustments by reducing the need to swipe between multiple run pages.

Rockafellow also plans to showcase John Deere’s ExactApply technology which gives users the ability to switch spraying between two pre-selected nozzles with the push of a button. There is also the option to automatically vary the rate across the entire boom. This ensures that the correct amount of material is applied to the right area of the field, improving spray resolution accuracy.

Rogator 1100C


Sponsored by Farm Depot, salesman Blake Laethem said the latest self-propelled sprayer system from Rogator has some very big changes that improve upon an already trusted machine. Outfitted with a 120-foot boom, the newest machine comes with an improved drive system and a totally redesigned liquid system, including one continuous boom.

Labelled as “the new benchmark in precision application,” the RoGator C Series by Challenger has been redefined starting with the industry-exclusive LiquidLogic system to the sophisticated AWD SmartDrive system to the simple, intuitive AccuTerminal operational platform that controls all chassis and machine functions.

Unprecedented Product Recovery: ClearFlowTM, the industry’s first full-recovery system, pushes unused product from the plumbing back into the tank prior to a tank or boom rinse. Rainout? No problem. Product goes back in the tank to be re-agitated or off-loaded, so waste and contamination are minimized.

Prevent Product Build-Up: More resistant weeds require more complex, potent product mixtures, which can create a greater risk of product contamination and crop damage. The FlowLogic system keeps product in motion and in suspension.

Prime Without Waste: Once the product pump and recirculation is turned on, product begins to flow through the entire boom plumbing, quickly priming the boom. You save time and money, and apply product only where it’s needed.

Apache Model AS1040


Designated as “The Best Selling Apache,” the 1,000-gallon AS1040 sprayer fits perfectly for most any farming operation size, according to John Murphy of HJV Equipment LLC in Chesaning, Mich., which acquired the distributorship of the Apache line of Spray Equipment in 2009.

According to Murphy, the AS 1040 will be equipped with 100-foot aluminum boom, as well as standard features, including auto-steer, a Viper 4 controller, boom height control and a chemical injection and inductor system, keeping chemical and water separate until application.

A durable ZF six-speed power shifting transmission, equipped with a lock-up torque converter, doubles the engine’s torque. A lock-up feature couples the engine to the transmission, creating a direct drive transmission which has been battle tested year-round in extreme conditions by world-class off-highway heavy equipment makers. This provides the shifting power you need without the added weight.

With a 1,000-gallon capacity tank, the Apache AS1040 Sprayer is the most popular sized model in the lineup. It features a mechanical drive that makes it simple to operate and nimble enough to work in field conditions competitive sprayers can’t.

Capable of 35 mph road speeds, the AS1040 is engineered lightweight at just 20,000 pounds. That means better fuel economy, reduced compaction and a lower price. The Apache 1040 offers a turning radius of 18 feet and a wheel base of 15 feet — perfect for tight-fit areas.

Case IH Patriot 3340


AgroExpo visitors will be able to witness the accuracy and consistency of the Case IH Patriot 3340, according to Aaron McKenzie of Janson Equipment. For 2019, the Patriot series is equipped with Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) AccuTurn and is now available through the AFS Pro 700 display.

The 3340 also includes AutoBoom automatic boom height control to maintain spray height for better coverage. AIM Command FLEX advanced spray technology delivers the ultimate in spray control so you can maintain optimal coverage over a range of speeds and terrain. This new system features flexible application, turn compensation and nozzle valve diagnostics.

The cab-forward, rear-engine Patriot design does much more than create a distinctive look — it also provides optimal weight distribution across the machine for earlier field access and less rutting and soil compaction.

With the option of a 60-, 90- or 120-foot boom, the 285 horsepower Patriot 3340 includes a 1,000 gallon tank and a centrally located service center for all tendering functions. 

New Holland Guardian SP370F


Sponsored by Ellens Equipment, the demonstration will include a New Holland Guardian SP370F sprayer. The ground-breaking Guardian front boom sprayers from New Holland combines rugged construction with innovative design to save you time and make you more productive all season long.

Guardian front boom sprayers are the easiest way to spray. With the boom in front, you get the very best view of the spray nozzles and the field ahead to confidently cover ground faster. And with the highest ground clearance on the market – up to 78 inches, you’ll be ready for late-season applications. You can adjust under-body clearance on the go from the seat to adapt to changing needs. For truck transport, you can easily lower the overall height down to 153 inches (12.75 feet) from the operator’s seat.

The SP370F planetary drive system is electronically controlled and provides a long list of outstanding features such as full-time traction control, cruise control, anti-stall, integrated speed limiting and four driver-programmable speed settings.

Add to that a 32-mph road speed with four-wheel dynamic braking, and you have an effortless system to operate. Since the engine is mounted in the rear, Guardian sprayers offer better weight distribution, and you get better access and a quieter ride.