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Plan your AgroExpo experience

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by AgroLiquid

New equipment, technology and information—you can find it all in the trade show area of the AgroExpo

There is a lot to experience at the 2018 AgroExpo—make sure you don’t miss anything!

Where to Start

Your first stop should be at one of the Information tents. There is a packet of information available to visitors, and this is a great time to take a moment to get your bearings. Identify where you are, and where all the AgroExpo attractions are located. You can also use this time to take advantage of the shade in these tents, and to circle the speakers or in-field demos you are interested in seeing. Also, if you have any questions at any point—the folks in these tents can help.

Educational Sessions

Throughout the AgroExpo, there are educational opportunities that will focus on providing practical, usable information on a number of topics. These sessions will range in length from 15-minute ‘What’s New’ presentations by agribusinesses, to 30-minute in-depth, crop-specific discussions in the Crop Tent, to thought-provoking and informative talks in the Main Barn. Be sure to review the descriptions of these sessions in this Show Guide.

Field Demos

Numerous in-field experiences and demonstrations are planned throughout the AgroExpo to provide hands-on opportunities to see how these new technologies can be incorporated into a management strategy. There are live planter demonstrations, as well as a variety of tillage equipment that will run at various times. Again, be sure to review this entire Guide to know when and where to you can see this equipment in the field.

Trade Show

New equipment, technology and information—you can find it all in the trade show area of the AgroExpo. A record number of vendors are bringing their best people and newest methods, advancements and technology to the AgroExpo. You get to see it all in one place!


Always an important consideration—where is the best food? Well, that depends on your preference, and luckily the AgroExpo has several food trucks to choose from for a variety of delicious options. The food trucks are centrally located and there is a tent area available to sit, enjoy good food and the company of others in the ag industry.


The AgroExpo is an opportunity to come together with others in the ag industry. Sit down next to someone new at lunch, strike up a conversation at the tillage demo, take advantage of the ideas and experiences of other attendees and exhibitors. These connections and interactions could be your most valuable take-away from the AgroExpo.

Most of all, enjoy your time at the AgroExpo. Agriculture has a lot to show off. Make the most of this rare day off in mid-summer and appreciate everything our industry has to offer, and in one place, at the 2018 AgroExpo.