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Solar energy benefits promoted

Category: Technology

by Lisa Russcher

lunch n learn solar
Mark Olinyk, (left) President/CEO of Harvest Energy Solutions, shares a laugh with farm host Gary Balder at Harvest Energy Solution’s Lunch ‘n Learn.

Fifty area farmers gathered recently at a "lunch 'n learn" at Balder Seed Farm in Hamilton to learn about solar energy and how other area agribusiness owners in our area benefit from solar energy.

Mark Olinyk, President/CEO of Harvest Energy Solutions, and Ken Zebarah, the company's Michigan and Indiana Territory Manager, gave a presentation on the benefits of solar energy, the process of applying for grants/aid, and how to implement solar energy on farms.

They discussed the progress of solar energy and how it is currently the leading alternative energy used in agriculture today.

Some of the benefits discussed were financial/tax benefits, reduced operating costs, and long-life minimal maintenance of equipment.

Allegan County farmers Gary Balder and Dave Brink have both utilized solar energy on their farms and shared the positive impact it has made to the operating costs on their farms.

When asked why he decided to use solar energy on his farm to run his grain bin system, Dave Brink said "It was a long term investment. A way to hedge against rising energy cost. Just as the sun helps provide energy to raise our crops, we can use the sun to raise our own energy to use on our farm."

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