• Farm groups ask Congress to strengthen safety net

    Category: People

    by AFBF

    fallow field

    “U.S. farmers have long said they were willing to compete with farmers elsewhere on a level playing field, but they cannot compete with the treasuries of foreign governments,” the groups wrote.

    (Video) A community unites for prairie wildfires

    Category: People

    by Arable Media

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    In March of 2017, a wildfire spread across the Panhandle of Texas to Oklahoma, Colorado and Kansas.

    The difference between audits and inspections

    Category: Crops

    by Phil Tocco, Michigan State University Extension

    fresh fruits and veggies

    As fresh produce growers learn about the Food Safety Modernization Act, many are confused by the difference between a food safety audit and an on-farm produce safety inspection.

    What are restaurants looking for?

    Category: Markets & Weather

    by Eaton Conservation District

    locally grown sign

    Red Haven and other farm-to-table restaurants look for area growers who can deliver the highest quality meats and produce, and promote these farms to their customers.

    Repairing harvest ruts this spring

    Category: Crops

    by Mike Staton, MSU Extension Soybean Educator

    spring plant 1

    When repairing ruts this spring, the objectives are to fill and level the ruts just enough to facilitate planting operations without causing further soil compaction.

    Researchers introduce “Trojan Horse” to suppress toxin growth

    Category: Technology

    by Seed World

    steamed corn 2

    Crops all over the world are susceptive to infection by fungi of various Aspergillus species, a fungus that produces secondary metabolites known as aflatoxins. These compounds have been implicated in stunting children’s growth, increasing the risk for liver cancer, and making people more susceptible to diseases such as HIV and malaria.

    Agriculture supporting ranchers impacted by wildfires

    Category: People

    by Dennis Rudat

    Fire in tx

    Cattle, fences, lives and homes were all lost in the fires. Texas Farm Bureau’s Gene Hall, describes the fires that swept through Texas a few weeks ago as a perfect storm.

    2017 Young Farmer Agriculture Leader Award announced

    Category: People

    by Farm News Media

    natalie pennington

    Mecosta County’s Natalie Pennington is the recipient of Michigan Farm Bureau’s Young Farmer Agriculture Leader Award for 2017.

    (Video) MFB Political Academy visits Washington DC

    Category: People

    by Farm News Media

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    Michigan Farm Bureau's Inaugural Academy for Political Leadership took its participants to Washington DC March 16-17.

    MFB graduates latest ProFILE class

    Category: People

    by Farm News Media

    profile graduates

    Michigan’s largest farm group has graduated another 18 outstanding young farmers from its marquee leadership development program, ProFILE.

    Bees prefer the country life, OSU study says

    Category: Crops

    by Misti Crane OSU

    bee on blueberry

    “There’s this popular perception that urban places are better for bees because of the diversity of plants. This is showing that, at least in Ohio, the agricultural areas are actually superior and that’s despite the pesticide use that’s out there.”

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