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  • Bill stops zoning prohibition on farm wedding venues

    Category: Politics

    by Farm News Media


    Some townships have been very restrictive and even prohibited on-farm weddings in agriculture zones.

    2018 Farm Bill fails in the U.S. House

    Category: Politics

    by Farm News Media


    House Republican holdouts seeking a vote on unrelated Immigration Reform measure, and Democrats opposed to “cruel reforms” to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) in the proposed House version of the 2018 Farm Bill were successful in defeating HR-2, the Agriculture and Nutrition Act.

    Water use bill clears the House 93-15, now flows to the Senate

    Category: Politics

    by Nicole Sevrey, Michigan Farm Bureau


    The Senate will now consider House-passed legislation to make science-based improvements to the water withdrawal registration program to address farmer concerns.

    Farm News Five: Rain, Rain, go away!

    Category: Farm News Five

    by Farm New Media

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    On this week's Farm News Five we wade through soggy fields with growers in southeast Michigan, a deadline for Margin Protection Program for dairy producers is nearing, and MAC's Chris Betz is in for the Market Report.

    For veterans, a positive impact and positive outlet

    Category: Opinion

    by Nick Babcock and Carl Bednarski


    When soldiers who’ve fought for their country return to the Land of Opportunity, too often they find uncertainty. New legislation introduced by Senators Debbie Stabenow and Pat Roberts will give them a better chance to continue serving their country on the farm.

    FSA’s 2018 acreage reporting dates outlined

    Category: People, Crops

    by USDA


    There are some exceptions to the reporting dates.

    Water up and irrigate in

    Category: Crops

    by Lyndon Kelley, MSUE


    Newly emerged corn and soybeans use less than 0.5 inch water per week, but many annuals like wheat and rye will dry the soil to a depth of 2–3 feet, leaving the crop dependent on timely rain or irrigation.

    Sugar amendment threatens Farm Bill — Act now

    Category: Politics

    by Farm News Media


    “If it passes, it could jeopardize further consideration of the bill, and we’d be back to square one.”

    Asparagus growers approve continuation referendum

    Category: Crops

    by MDARD, Farm News Media


    The program will continue for an additional five years, beginning June 8, 2018, and ending June 7, 2023. The current assessment is at a rate not to exceed two cents per pound.

    Will rising fuel prices show up at your grocery store?

    Category: Crops

    by Farm News Media


    The good news for Michigan consumers? “As the second most diverse agricultural state in the country, consumers can expect an ample supply of locally produced specialty crop fruits and vegetables in their supermarkets and local farmers’ markets this summer,” Robson said.

    Farm voices challenge farm bill guts

    Category: Crops

    by Farm Policy Facts


    Given current economic conditions and the fiscal achievements of the farm bill, we strongly urge members not to impose even greater burdens on farmers by attaching harmful amendments during House floor consideration of the farm bill. 

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