• Take off the weight and wait for spring

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    by Paul W. Jackson

    pot hole 2

    If a farmer reduces his load by 35 percent, no permit is required. But there are complications within that exemption that could put the driver in violation of law.

    Expect another 3 percent decline in agriculture land prices, survey says

    Category: Markets & Weather

    by Christopher Wolf and Eric Wittenberg, MSU

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    The trend in Michigan agricultural land prices was flat to down slightly in most regions in 2016. This was consistent with surrounding states.

    (Video) Are you paying too much?

    Category: People

    by Farm News Media

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    Nick Lund from Farmers Business Network speaks at the 2017 Crop Summit held in Mt. Pleasant Michigan.

    Farmers engage lawmakers face-to-face

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    by Farm News Media

    lls 2017-2

    MFB’s Lansing Legislative Seminar kicks off the organization’s 2017 policy calendar Feb. 21 at the Lansing Center.

    Recycling forum timed perfectly for microplastics report

    Category: Crops

    by Paul W. Jackson

    plastic discussion 1

    Governor Rick Snyder has launched an initiative to double the state’s recycling rate.

    Blinders on horse slaughter bills

    Category: Livestock

    by Paul W. Jackson

    horse pasture

    “This type of legislation lacks common sense, the same lack that led to the last horse slaughter law, which (by banning horse slaughter) very obviously did horses more harm than good.”

    Supply chain butterfly effect

    Category: Markets & Weather

    by Kevin T. Higgins, Managing Editor, Food Processing magazine

    Clemens hog farm

    The Clemens project also highlights the impact a small group of food industry players can have. Ground never would have been broken in Coldwater without such a group.

    Rental payments will continue to decline

    Category: Crops

    by David B. Schweikhardt, MSU

    harvest soybeans

    Total farm production expenses experienced a decrease during 2016, but far less than the decrease in revenue. This outlook sets the stage for a highly uncertain outlook for 2017.

    Michigan wins when immigrants face a fair, predictable system

    Category: Opinion

    by Michael D. LaFaive and John C. Mozena, Mackinac Center for Public Policy

    A continued stalemate on immigration reform means lower food production

    However important those responsibilities may be, they cannot override the fundamental need for due process and the rule of law in setting immigration policy.

    GR hosts annual Young Farmer conference Feb. 17-19

    Category: People

    by Farm News Media

    young farmer convention

    The next generation of Michigan farmers gathers this weekend in Grand Rapids for a fast-paced agenda geared toward their common goals of merging into the industry mainstream and heading full bore toward a prosperous future for their farms and families.

    How good research equipment provides consistent data

    Category: Technology

    by Tamra Boucher, Seed World

    autonomous tractor

    If the data is inconsistent from plot-to-plot or field-to-field, then the data can lead to inaccurate analysis, potentially leading to wrong choices.

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