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  • Crop conditions bullish

    Category: Markets & Weather

    by Chris Betz, Michigan Ag Commodities

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    Crop conditions, released late Monday afternoon, were the story for Tuesday’s trade.

    Europe sets example for U.S. milk labelling

    Category: Markets & Weather

    by NMPF, Farm News Media

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    European Union regulations that prevent plant-based dairy alternatives from using terms like “milk,” “cheese” and “yogurt” is a victory for the same battle occurring in the United States.

    USDA halts import of fresh Brazilian beef

    Category: Markets & Weather

    by USDA

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    The suspension of shipments will remain in place until the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture takes corrective action which the USDA finds satisfactory.

    Pink slime trial begins week 4

    Category: Markets & Weather

    by Food Safety News

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    Network's lawyer asks Beef Products Inc. witness about 60 percent sales drop preceding ABC reports

    Devastating rains slam mid-Michigan crops

    Category: Markets & Weather

    by Dennis Rudat

    Devastating Rain WEB

    In a matter of weeks, or some cases - days, many mid- Michigan farmers went from concerns of drought to wondering if they’ll have a crop to harvest this fall because of too much rain.

    MOU paves the way for more U.S. dairy exports to China

    Category: Markets & Weather

    by Farm News Media

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    The United States and China have endorsed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that promises to give U.S. dairy exporters increased access to China in the short-term and paves the way for additional U.S. entrants in the future.

    Anticipating the June 1 corn stocks estimate

    Category: Markets & Weather

    by Todd Hubbs, Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics University of Illinois

    field corn

    USDA's release of the Quarterly Grain Stocks report on June 30 will provide an estimate of corn stocks in storage as of June 1, 2017.

    Sugar producers support revised Mexican trade agreement

    Category: Farm News Stories

    by Farm News Media

    sugar beet field

    After an intense week of discussions and negotiations with the Department of Commerce, the American Sugar Alliance has finally endorsed the agreement to bring Mexico’s subsidized sugar industry into compliance with U.S. trade laws.

    With a click, Chinese consumers could soon purchase Michigan cherries

    Category: Farm News Stories

    by Farm News Media

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    Michigan's farmers and growers are always looking for new and bigger markets for their products.

    The growing e-commerce opportunity in China for U.S. farmers

    Category: Markets & Weather

    by Eric Pelletier, Alibaba Group

    china statue

    Tmall, Alibaba’s e-commerce business to consumer platform which reaches approximately 500 million shoppers, has already teamed up with many U.S. agriculture and food organizations to access this growing Chinese consumer

    Steady land market values defies commodity markets

    Category: Markets & Weather

    by Farm News Media

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    Despite entering a fourth year of projected lower farm incomes, land values are holding their own, especially in Michigan, according to the latest report from Farmers National Company (FNC), a leading agricultural landowner services company.

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