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  • AgroExpo’s ‘fresh start’ deemed a success

    Category: Technology

    by Paul W. Jackson

    chopper crowd agro expo mfn 2017

    Focused on production agriculture, the show brought in an estimated 2,050 people over the two days, and exhibitors and vendors numbered 120, a bit bigger than last year’s 100.

    Get back to your roots at Ag PhD Learning Center

    Category: Crops

    by Jerry L. Wilhm, Ph.D. - AgroLiquid Senior Research Manager

    AGRO Roots

    AgroExpo will give growers a closer look at corn at various stages of growth, and between with no applied fertilizer, 5 gallons, and 10 gallons in-furrow.

    Big, bad choppers

    Category: Technology

    by Farm News Media

    agroexpo chopper mfn 2017

    “We are excited to move the demonstration to be front and center at the new show site. When attendees arrive, the first thing they will see is a line of massive forage harvesters.”

    Dow, Arcadia to commercialize wheat quality trait

    Category: Technology

    by Seed World

    wheat and blue sky

    The collaboration leverages Arcadia’s non-GM TILLING trait development platform with Dow AgroSciences’ enabling technology platforms, high-quality germplasm and global commercial channels.

    Can artificial intelligence save agriculture?

    Category: Technology

    by Joseph Byrum, Seed World

    autonomous tractor mfn 2017

    It’s only a matter of time before all-electric and hybrid motors supplant internal combustion on the farm.

    Corn Congress fed up with regulatory delays

    Category: Technology

    by Seed world, Farm News Media

    corn scouting

    There are biotechnology traits that have been awaiting regulatory approval in certain markets for the past 48 to 72 months.

    Congress begins discussing farm data ownership

    Category: Technology

    by AgFunder.com

    hagie tractor

    Farmers are hesitant (and rightfully so) to entrust that data with third parties in which those farmers have no vested interest." 

    Plan ahead on data management resources

    Category: Technology

    by AgGateway

    hightech inside combe

    AgGateway to lay out next steps at InfoAg in St. Louis.

    Autonomous tractors to launch next year?

    Category: Technology

    by Farm Equipment magazine

    autonomous tractor

    Having two tractors operate simultaneously in this way on farmland with an area of 3,000-5,000 sq. meters would reduce the work time by around 30 percent.

    A little plastic, a lot of Kiwi savings

    Category: Technology

    by Paul W. Jackson

    Nick Schweitzer New Zealand

    The clip ties also eliminate the need to put vertical supports on or between trees in the trellis system.

    MDARD grant could lead to more food innovation

    Category: Technology

    by MDARD

    garden fresh gourmet

    “High-pressure processing is a difference-making technology that will enhance quality and extend distribution opportunities for Michigan food and agriculture companies. …”

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    Varnum LLP | July 6, 2017 

    Kimberly Clark pngAs more employers plan to use the H-2A program, completing the following items this year will make an easier transition to H-2A employment.

    Dairy: an unenviable position

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    Ben SpitzleyThe dairy industry is facing a challenging time, a cyclical downturn that’s lasted longer than in previous cycles, and is expected to continue for at least the near-term.

    Challenges and opportunities for young, beginning and small farmers

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    Ashley Den DulkFarming is a challenging undertaking, with long days that start early and are filled with physical demands from running the tractor to calving cows to fixing equipment to repairing fence posts.

    Create a gun trust

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    Reisner 2I am frequently asked "what is a gun trust and when should I create one?" The short answer is that gun trusts are created primarily to acquire, possess and use firearms regulated by the National Firearms Act of 1934 (the NFA).

    Important considerations for capital investments

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    GreenStone FCS | April 24, 2017 

     Leo PaschFor many farmers, it seems hardly a year goes by without some form of capital investment, whether in equipment, facilities, livestock or land.