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Branch County Farm Bureau’s Brian Pridgeon on Michigan GROWN Michigan GREAT podcast

Category: Livestock

by Michigan GROWN, Michigan GREAT

Branch County Farm Bureau member Brian Pridgeon with one of the many hogs on his family’s seventh-generation farm.

Brian Pridgeon, along with his brother, father and grandfather, owns and operates Pridgeon Farms, a seventh-generation hog farm that markets 70,000 animals annually. They also grow corn, soybean and wheat, with much of it used in the feeding of the hogs. When not farming, Brian is one of five farmers serving on the Michigan Ag Commission, an oversight board to the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. He recently spoke with Carla Wardin of Michigan GROWN, Michigan GREAT for a podcast. Along with talking about the seventh-generation family farm, they shared a lot of laughs on topics such as:

  • The obvious connection between a master’s degree in communications and raising pigs
  • Where he met a woman who said yes to being a farmer’s wife
  • A life-changing experience post-Thanksgiving three years ago
  • Where he’ll be traveling at the end of harvest and this winter
  • The job he dreads most on the farm and another job that is a surprisingly neat experience (note: not “neat” as in clean!)
  • Songs he’s playing on the piano lately, following a 2-hour singalong concert
  • The perfect pairing for Ernie Harwell’s voice on the radio
  • What he’s learned from his dad and uncle
  • Technology they’re using that helps cut down farmer fatigue
  • Something he wishes Michigan had more of
  • What he would do for a career if he wasn’t a farmer