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GSI’s Z-Series Bin designed with clean-out safety in mind for producers

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If you have ever spent a long hot summer day chasing a sweep auger around a grain bin, your safety and that of other farm workers are always top of mind. In addition to exposed auger flighting, the noise and dust, the physical demands can be exhausting.

No doubt, you’ve often thought, “There’s got to be a better way.” Thanks to some creative thinking and innovative engineering from GSI, there finally is.

GSI’s new 30-foot diameter Z-Series Bin with Flexwave Technology promises to revolutionize the load-out process by eliminating the need for producers entering a grain bin with sweep augers, shovels, and brooms. The patent-pending system provides complete, zero-entry cleanout, efficiently and greatly improves farm-worker safety.

Utilizing large liners that alternately inflate and deflate, GSI’s Z-Series gently remove residual grain after a bin is emptied. This first-of-its-kind technology provides more than 99% cleanout, eliminating the labor-intensive and potentially dangerous current practice of farmers entering a bin to sweep or shovel out the remaining grain.

GSI introduced the Z-Series last fall in an initial 24-foot diameter model, which is a higher-capacity and more cost-effective alternative for similar-sized hopper tanks with cone bottoms. GSI also plans a 36-foot Z-Series Bin allowing up to 21 rings with 68,000 bushels of storage capacity that will be available from dealers during the fourth quarter of this year.

The Z-Series Grain Bin is simple to use with a control system automating the process. Two inflatable liners each unload more than 100 tons of grain by using less than one psi of air pressure. The liner is constructed of reinforced polyester fabric coated with PVC resin and is expected to last 30 years, according to GSI.

As each liner inflates, the grain is gently moved to a center trough. And with an inflation range to 110 degrees, more than 99% of the grain is removed without the use of a sweep auger or manual labor.

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Aeration Tubes

Flexible tubes move with the liner and distribute up to one-seventh CFM/bu of air from the center trough through the grain. In addition to ridding yourself of time-consuming and dusty work, there’s no need for a perforated floor which increases capacity. And, it’s more reliable than current methods since there are no exposed mechanical components.

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