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Lake City dairy farm named MMPA’s Top Quality Award winner

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Quality Award-MFN-2018
MMPA President Ken Nobis (left), Member Representative Deb Gingrich (second from left) and Northwest Area Supervisor Sarah Michalek (right) presented Aaryn and Nathan Gilde (center) of Lake City, Michigan, with the highest quality milk production award.

Gilde Farms LLC of Lake City, Michigan, has been named Michigan Milk Producers Association’s (MMPA) Top Quality Award Winner for 2017.

The Gilde family runs a 220-cow dairy that obtained the highest quality records in 2017 among the nearly 1,100 farms belonging to MMPA. To qualify, a producer must meet MMPA’s quality premium requirements for an entire year.

“In order to meet MMPA quality premium levels each and every month of the year, everyone on the farm must be on board. This level of commitment shows the pride the owners, managers and employees of Gilde Farms LLC have in the business and industry,” said Deb Gingrich, MMPA member representative.

Since 1990, MMPA has recognized the farm that produces the highest quality milk for the year. The Gilde Family makes cow comfort and closely monitoring animal health a priority to continue to produce high quality milk.

The family utilizes technology such as video cameras in the barns and milk metering systems to better manage their resources and time to benefit the cows. They have always taken extreme personal pride in producing high quality milk.