Show up to the polls on Aug. 7, support Friends of Ag | Michigan Farm News

Show up to the polls on Aug. 7, support Friends of Ag

Category: Politics

by Michigan Farm Bureau

August 7 marks the state’s primary election, when voters determine which candidates will appear on the Nov. 6 general election ballot including the Republican and Democratic candidates for governor, the U.S. House and Senate, Michigan House and Senate, and numerous local races.

Farm Bureau encourages members to support AgriPac-endorsed Friends of Agriculture when they head to the polls Tuesday. Candidates in particularly competitive races include:

“In many districts, the primary election is the race that matters because it determines the ultimate winner,” said MFB elections expert Matt Kapp. “Many districts have a consistent, reliable Republican or Democratic voting majority historically.”

There are several ways you can help Farm Bureau-supported candidates win:

  1. Put yard signs up on your farm and in prominent, high traffic areas;
  2. Promote Friends of Agriculture via social media;
  3. Volunteer for a candidate's campaign by walking in parades, going door-to-door, participate in phone banks, help register people to vote;
  4. Invite Friends of Agriculture to county events;
  5. Work with your county Farm Bureau to conduct a Friends of Agriculture on-farm event.