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Michigan Farm Bureau Family of Companies

Sponsorship Criteria

Farm Bureau Insurance receives numerous requests for support on a daily basis from a variety of individuals and organizations throughout Michigan. We carefully review each of these requests and select programs that align with our corporate and social responsibility or our marketing strategies. Proposals must be submitted before June 1 to be considered for the following year. To have your proposal considered, please submit detailed information about your organization or event to:

Jennifer Miller
Director, Brand & Digital Marketing
Farm Bureau Insurance
PO Box 30400
Lansing, MI 48909-7900

Partnership Sponsorship Criteria

We will pursue partnership relationships with those organizations that complement the Farm Bureau Insurance brand, raise awareness and preference among key audiences, and includes activation strategies for our organization and our agents.

  1. Relative cost to exposure: Sponsorship increases Farm Bureau Insurance exposure and/or reaches the company’s targeted consumers. Farm Bureau Insurance can leverage the sponsorship.
  2. Audience targeted to best prospects
  3. Relative exposure among the sponsors (authentic ownership & dominance)
  4. Other sponsors lift the company’s profile
  5. Helps Farm Bureau Insurance achieve its business and marketing objectives
  6. Sponsorship includes strong media element to reach a broad segment of target market
  7. Sponsorship includes meaningful activation strategies for Farm Bureau Insurance

Social Investment Sponsorship Criteria

We’re dedicated to making Michigan a better place to live. Michigan is our home, too, so we proudly invest in Michigan’s future through programs that:

  • Are relevant — the cause must be relevant to our products and service.
  • Fit with our brand — there must be a good fit with the overall FBI brand.
  • Align with our Mission — the sponsorship must align with the FBI mission.
  • Allows us to connect with consumers – the sponsorship brings FBI and its agents face-to-face with targeted consumers.
  • Position our products – the sponsorship promotes the visibility of FBI insurance products and creates a connection to the event’s value.
  • Contribute to Business Results— FBI, through the sponsorship, can achieve some measurable business result.

In addition, as part of FBI’s overall public and community relations efforts, we will support cause-related marketing that impacts our communities and Michigan in a positive, measurable way. These initiatives will align with our mission to protect our customers and promote actions that do so, such as texting and driving, waterfront safety, safeguarding your home, etc.

  1. Requesting organization must be not for profit
  2. Activities of the requesting organization must align with the mission and social responsibility statement of Farm Bureau Insurance
  3. The requesting organization and the specific funding request must be related to scholarship, sportsmanship, citizenship, health and fitness, or address a need in the community that impacts the well-being of our community
  4. Support of the activity by Farm Bureau Insurance will promote customer acquisition and retention
  5. Support of the event will strengthen Farm Bureau Insurance’s reputation in Michigan
  6. The requesting organization is community-based with measurable outcomes for the activity that will benefit the community, region or state
  7. Sponsorship includes meaningful activation strategies for Farm Bureau Insurance