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Michigan Farm Bureau Family of Companies

Board of Directors

The 2022-23 MFB Board posing for a photo against a colorful backdrop at the 2022 Michigan Farm Bureau State Annual Meeting.

The Michigan Farm Bureau (MFB) Board of Directors is made up of 17 farmer members as follows:

  • One director from each of MFB's 12 districts, each serving two-year terms 
  • Two directors-at-large, each serving two-year terms 
  • Young Farmer representative (chairperson of the state Young Farmer Committee), serving a one-year term 
  • Promotion and Education representative (chairperson of the state Promotion and Education Committee), serving a one-year term 
  • President, serving a two-year term in a director-at-large capacity 

Among other things, the board is responsible for:

  • Executing and carrying out member-adopted policies on issues affecting agriculture 
  • Governing and overseeing management of the association, including the organization's financial matters   

2022 Michigan Farm Bureau Board of Directors: