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Health Insurance

Quality Coverage at Affordable Prices

The health and safety of you and your loved ones comes first – always. That’s why Farm Bureau Insurance partners with the best healthcare providers on the market to bring you high quality coverage at prices you can easily manage. There’s a plan for everyone, whether you’re entering retirement, starting a family, or growing your business. Whatever stage of life you’re in, your Farm Bureau Insurance agent will help you weigh options and choose the plan that’s right for you.

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Our health-certified agents will help you compare plans and choose a policy that meets all your healthcare needs.


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Individual & Family Plans

We offer a wide range healthcare plans for people under the age of 65 with or without dependents. From young families to empty nesters on the edge of retirement, we’ve got you covered. We even have short term options for gaps in coverage of less than 6 months.

Individual & Family Insurance Plans
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Employer Group Plans

Give your employees the healthcare benefits they deserve. We offer affordable group plans that cover a diverse range of needs, so you can ensure everyone under your care is properly protected. 

Employer Group Insurance Plans
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International Travel Health Insurance

Traveling abroad? Have you considered what may happen should you encounter a medical emergency? Finding quality care while abroad can be a daunting task and may even require a costly air evacuation. Many hospitals require up-front payment leading to significant out-of-pocket expenses.

GeoBlue offers the industry’s most complete health care solution, offering coverage for doctor visits, hospitalization and evacuation to members. GeoBlue provides clients with preferred access to elite doctors and hospitals to ensure quality care. Claims are settled directly with GeoBlue so care is cashless and convenient. GeoBlue does more than provide global medical benefits. Their resources give travelers the medical intelligence, tools and 24/7 assistance needed to travel safely and with confidence.  

International Travel Health Insurance
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Medicare Plans

We offer a wide range of healthcare plans for people age 65 and older that are eligible for Medicare coverage, including Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare Supplements, and Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage.

Medicare Insurance Plans

Member Medicare Supplement Plans

Designed specifically for Farm Bureau Members, our Farm Bureau Health Plans Medicare Supplement plans help pay for health care costs that are not covered by Medicare.

Member Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans
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Dental Insurance Plan

Our traditional dental plan is open to all Farm Bureau members and covers both preventative and major services.

Traditional Plus Member Dental Plan

Dental/Vision Insurance Plan

Looking for dental and vision coverage? We offer Farm Bureau members an exclusive plan that bundles both under one policy.

Dental/Vision Insurance Plan