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Farm Safety

Caring About Your Well-Being

At Michigan Farm Bureau, your health and wellness is of utmost importance to us. Farming can be a hazardous profession and take a physical toll. But the emotional impacts of the agriculture business can be just as great yet are not as easily seen or discussed. Check out some of these beneficial resources to keep you healthy – body and mind.

Stress & Mental Health

If there’s one certainty in the world of farming it’s that nothing is certain. Maintaining your mental health is critical, but it’s often neglected. Michigan Farm Bureau’s Stress and Mental Health Resource center offers great tips and resources.

Get Help Managing Your Mental Health
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Free Resources

We want you to be safe on the farm. We have a collection of free resources on our Labor page, including information and checklists that can help keep you, your employees and your family safe and prepared in the case of an emergency.