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Traditional Plus Member Dental Plan (BCBS)

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Protecting Your Smile

Looking for some help with dental bills? Farm Bureau’s Traditional Plus dental plan – administered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan – covers both preventive and major dental services.

Choose a Dentist

With Farm Bureau’s Traditional Plus dental plan, you have the freedom to choose any licensed dentist. Network dentist or not, you’re covered. However, your benefits will stretch the farthest when you use Blue PPO dentists. 

Blue PPO Dentist

Blue PPO dentists always participate and file your claims for you. Plus, they give you discounts of 20 to 40 percent off usual charges and lower out-of-pocket costs than non-network dentists.  

Find a Dentist

Blue Par Select Dentist

Blue Par Select dentists are non-PPO dentists who agree to participate with the Blues on a per claim basis. So before each procedure, ask whether your dentist participates. Almost all dentists participate with the Blues under this arrangement.

Find a Dentist

Non-Participating Dentist

You may visit non-participating dentists, but you may be charged for the difference between the Blues approved amount for the service and the dentist’s charge. You may also have to file your own claims, which means you’ll be reimbursed directly from the Blues and you’ll be responsible for paying the dentist.

What's Covered

Farm Bureau’s Traditional Plus dental plan covers up to $1,200 of dental services per person each year. You can extend this benefit even further by using Blue PPO dentists, who accept a discounted rate for their services. After you’ve met an annual deductible of $50, preventive services are covered 75% while restorative and constructive services are covered 50%. A maximum of two deductibles are required for family policies. 

Covered services include:  

  • Preventive services like cleanings, x-rays, exam, sealants and fluoride treatments  
  • Restorative services like fillings, crowns, root canals and extractions  
  • Constructive services like bridges, dentures and endosteal implants

Orthodontics services are not covered. 

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Waiting Period for Major Services

Preventive services are covered right away, once you’ve paid your premium and the policy has taken effect. Six months after your policy starts, you’ll be eligible for coverage for restorative and constructive services as well. 

Who's Eligible

To enroll in Farm Bureau’s Traditional Plus dental plan, you must meet all of the following criteria:

You are a Farm Bureau member.
You are a Michigan resident and live in the state for a minimum of six months each year.
You don’t have any other dental coverage.
You don’t have prior Farm Bureau-sponsored Blues dental coverage that was canceled within the past year.

Understanding Your Benefits

Annual deductible - $50: A deductible is a fixed amount you must pay toward covered dental services each year before benefits are payable by the dental plan.

Coinsurance - 25% or 50%: Coinsurance is a percentage you must pay for covered services once your deductible is met. Dental procedures are divided into types of service or classes.

Annual benefit maximum - $1,200/person: The maximum dollar amount your dental plan will pay out in benefits over the course of a calendar year. 

Calculate Your Premium

To determine your personal dental insurance rate, select the number of people to be covered and your county of residence from the pull-down menus below. Your rate quote will automatically appear in the box labeled monthly rate.

Dental Rate Calculator

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Enroll Now

Contact your health-certified Farm Bureau Insurance Agent for solutions to your health care needs.

Effective Dates of Coverage

Applications submitted to Farm Bureau Health Services will have an effective date of the 1st of the following month for Class 1 (preventive) services. There is a six-month waiting period from your effective date of coverage for Class 2 (restorative) and Class 3 (constructive) services.

This is a prepaid dental coverage plan. Claims will not be paid and acknowledgement of coverage will not be given until the first premium payment has been made.

Make No Decision Alone

Need help choosing a health or dental insurance plan? We’ve got you covered! And there’s no charge for our services, so take advantage of our expertise.

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