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Land Use & Regulation

Make the Most of Your Land

No one understands the value of the land like a farmer. And no one understands better how beneficial diversifying the income generated from that land is  to the long-term viability of your farm than your team of specialists at Michigan Farm Bureau. Farm Bureau staff has assembled the resources, sample documents and guidance you need to make the most of the land you love.

Lease Agreements

Passive income generated by third-party, non-farming use of your property can be a great way to cover property taxes and other expenses. From hunting leases to solar land use agreements and wind lease easements, we have information to get you started.

Hunting Lease Agreement

Solar Land Use Agreements

Oil, Gas & Mineral Leases

Wind Lease Easements

Tidy large bales of hay in a field

Farmland Rental

Adding additional acreage to your operation can be a great way to grow your business. Owning all the land you farm isn’t always a viable option and that’s where a well-defined farmland rental agreement comes into play.

Farmland Rental Information
A row of power lines in a field

Utility Easements

Power, networks, communications — today’s world is a connected world and those connections require plenty of easements for utilities across privately owned land. When you’re approached regarding a utility easement over your property, use these tools to be prepared.

Utility Easement Information
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Building Permits

Looking to add a building to your farm? Do you know what permits you might need? Did you know certain farm buildings may be exempt from the state construction code? Is your roadside farm stand exempt from plumbing and electrical codes? Get answers and guidance on these and other building permit issues.

Building Permit Information
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Farmland Preservation

Whether development pressure is high or low, voluntary farmland preservation tools are investments in the future of agriculture, local communities and Michigan's economy. We have answers to the most commonly asked questions about the state's farmland and open space preservation program.

Farmland Preservation Information