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Michigan Farm Bureau Family of Companies

Combine Fire Safety

Prevent combine fires during harvest

To prevent combine fires, the Michigan Farm Bureau Family of Companies has created a checklist for growers. It asks them to: 

  • Keep a 10# ABC dry chemical fire extinguisher and 2.5 gallon water pressure fire extinguisher on the combine at all times.
  • Check gauges on fire extinguishers before operating the combine.
  • Keep a leaf blower or compressed air tank on combine and clean combustible fodder, chaff, dust from combine between uses or per the manufacturer’s recommendation.
  • Inspect and clean areas susceptible to frictional or hot surface ignition, such as pillow bearings, gears, chains, belts, turbo chargers, and other exhaust components.
  • Grease and oil bearings, gears, chains per manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Know your location in the event of a fire and have a means to contact 911.
  • Never park combine in or near any structure immediately following use. Allow it to cool down.

To learn more about the placards, contact Farm Bureau Insurance’s Tom Piepkow at (517) 213-6795. FBI agents and local grain bins will hand them out later this month.