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Protect Your Hearing

Exposure to noise is damaging the hearing ability of farm workers.

Studies show that farm teenagers in the Midwest have significant noise-induced hearing loss in comparison to non-farm teens.

Other studies have identified noise-induced hearing losses in Michigan farmers that result in serious impairment of their ability to clearly hear spoken words by age 58 to 65.

While you may be able to alleviate some noise problems at their source, hearing protection is usually a more effective and inexpensive way to control such hazards.

Here’s what different kinds of hearing protection have to offer:

  • Earmuffs can reduce sound levels by 15 to 30 decibels.
  • Earplugs protect best against higher-frequency sounds, if fitted properly.
  • A combination of earmuffs and earplugs will offer even greater protection.

Hearing loss is a painless, gradual process – but the results can be devastating. Protect what you have left of your ability to hear.

Train your workers and family members in the proper use and fit of hearing protection.

And remember this: No matter what kind of hearing protection you choose, it only works if you use it.