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Michigan Farm Bureau Family of Companies

End Childhood Hunger in MI

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End Childhood Hunger in Michigan

Operating at the intersection of our market and moral missions, we have a powerful vision: a Michigan where no child goes to bed hungry. By tackling childhood hunger, we aim to provide children with the nourishment they need to grow, learn, and thrive. 

We are reinvesting our proceeds back into the communities in which we live, work, and play to identify and invest in effective programs, policies and practices designed to directly reduce childhood hunger.


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Together, We're Ending Childhood Hunger In Michigan

Did you know that by being a part of the Michigan Farm Bureau Family of Companies (MFBFOC) you’re helping to end childhood hunger? 

It’s true; you are! We donate $1 for every policy in force!

We believe in safeguarding the present and the future. As a socially responsible and community-focused company, we are committed to making a significant impact in young lives across the state. Together, with our employees, agents, and members and policyholders like you, we are building a brighter, hunger-free future for Michigan children.

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How Are We Making A Difference?

Our efforts to end childhood hunger are broken into three major categories: causal, symptomatic, and policy. We are gathering data and credible information as to what is causing childhood hunger. Based on that information, we are testing pilot concepts across the state to evaluate impact and scalability. We are responding to the symptoms of hungry children by working with food banks, schools, delivering meals to families, and investing in programs that put food in the hands of hungry children and families.


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Finally, we are working in partnership with researchers and industry experts to identify programs where policy (both federal and state) and procedural changes can make a dramatic impact on reducing the number of children and families that are in need.

Agent Charitable Fund

Farm Bureau Insurance agents across the state founded the Agent Charitable Fund (ACF) to come together as an agency force to fund grants to end childhood hunger. The ACF believes in unleashing the power of Farm Bureau agents to end hunger in Michigan through education, financial support, and community engagement. Through the ACF, agents have access to grants and matching donation opportunities for Michigan schools and other community programs.

Become a Donor Today!
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Your Role In Ending Childhood Hunger

By being a member and/or policyholder of the MFBFOC, you are already playing a part. Annually, we dedicate $1 for every insurance policy in force to fund hunger-ending efforts. As our business grows and we identify effective models to directly reduce childhood hunger, we will increase our per-policy funding accordingly.

FB invests $900,000 annually

Going Beyond Donations

Harvest for All is a year-long campaign, created by the American Farm Bureau Federation, that encourages Farm Bureau members across the country and in Michigan to work together to help fight hunger in their communities.

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Want To Do More?

Consider telling your family and friends about the work we are doing together. Follow us on Facebook and share updates about the efforts we highlight. You can also join us by volunteering below or check out our grant program with the Michigan Association of Fairs and Exhibitions. To learn about our mission contact Audrey Carey, Community Engagement Specialist.