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Condo Insurance

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Insurance Protection For The Condo Lifestyle

While owning a condo unit is like owning a standard home, the insurance needs of condo owners are unique. Farm Bureau Insurance keeps condo owners protected with a custom insurance policy built for condo living.

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As a condo owner, you have unique needs. That’s why we’ve taken the condo-owner's insurance policy and customize it with the vital coverages of a homeowners policy—meeting your exact needs. 

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Farm Bureau’s Condo Unit Owner’s policy protects you from damages to your condo unit as well as your valuable belongings.

Condo Unit-Owners

Coverages can be provided, on a replacement cost basis, for your appliances, fixtures, improvements and alterations that are part of the building and contained within your residence. Separate structures owned solely by you at your location can also be covered.

Loss of Use

Loss of Use coverage helps pay for living expenses, like hotel stays, while your home is repaired or rebuilt.

Named Perils

Named Perils coverage protects you from things that are out of your control like weather-related damages (e.g. fire, smoke, wind, hail), vandalism, theft, and more.

Additional Options

For greater peace of mind, we offer a variety of other coverages including Replacement Costs, Homeowners Coverages Endorsements, and more.

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Your condo is more than where you live. It also contains your memories and all the items you’ve worked hard for. Farm Bureau’s condo policy is designed to protect all your cherished assets.

Personal Property

Personal property coverage protects all the things you’ve worked for—your furniture, clothing, and other valuable personal assets. 

Scheduled Personal Articles (SPA)

Scheduled Personal Articles coverage protects personal items with special insurance needs like jewelry, fine art, and more.

Additional Options

We have options to keep you protected from additional property coverages like replacement costs, increased limits on debris removal and food spoilage, and more.

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With insurance coverage from Farm Bureau Insurance, your condo and belongings aren’t the only things protected. You can have peace of mind that your finances are covered too.

Personal Liability

If someone is injured on or off your property, Personal Liability coverage keeps you protected from potential lawsuits.

Medical Payments

Medical Payments coverage provides protection from injuries that occur at your residence (e.g. a friend slipped on your icy stairs).

Claims Expenses

Included at no additional cost, Claims Expenses are covered for reasonable expenses incurred up to $250 per day.

Additional Options

We can keep you protected from other liability expenses such as claims expenses and damage to other's property. Contact a Farm Bureau Insurance agent for all additional options.