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Workers' Compensation Insurance

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Financial Protection Essential For Your Business

As a business owner, your main priority is the health and safety of your team. Accidents can happen anywhere, that’s why it’s essential to have coverage when job-related injuries or illnesses occur. Not only is this coverage important, but the State of Michigan requires most public and private businesses to carry Workers’ Compensation insurance.

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Farm Bureau Insurance offers protection that goes beyond a standard policy. From our dedicated claims team to safety resources and trainings, Workers’ Compensation serves your employees and your business with overall protection.

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Workers’ Compensation is meant to cover both the employer and employee when job-related accidents or illnesses occur.

Employer's Liability

Our Workers’ Compensation policy covers the employer’s responsibility to employees for job-related injuries or illness. It also provides coverage for lawsuits filed by employees as a result of those types of incidents.


Workers’ Compensation provides benefits to the people working for you and can assist with financial losses as a result of an injury or illness sustained while on duty.

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From lost wages to medical bills to rehabilitation, there are a variety of expenses Workers’ Compensation provides coverage for.

Replacement Wages

If a job-related injury requires time off work, this policy can help pay for the wages an employee lost during that time.

Medical Expenses

Suppose an employee is hurt in an accident while driving for work. Workers’ Comp can help pay for their medical bills resulting from the injury.

Death Benefits

This policy also provides financial assistance for death benefits, like funeral costs, if an employee were to be in a fatal accident while at work..

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Not only will your trusted advisor help find a policy that meets your unique business needs, but they will also equip you with helpful resources. These tools can help identify common causes of workers’ comp losses and help to promote workplace safety.

Controlling Costs

Although costs for Workers’ Compensation depend on industry and claim history, there are steps your business can take to help keep costs low. From new hire training to regularly posting safety guidelines to reviewing your claim process. Ensuring employees are classified correctly and promptly planning their return to work can help reduce claim amounts.

Work Comp Audits

When an audit is scheduled, our agents can guide you through what to expect, the things you’ll want to prepare ahead of time, and important follow up items when the audit is complete.

Ways to Save

Farm Bureau Insurance offers multiple ways to save on your workers' compensation coverage, like multi-policy discounts. Contact your Farm Bureau insurance agent to learn how we can save you money on monthly premiums.

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