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Elections & AgriPac

Representing Michigan Ag

Farm Bureau members are involved in legislative and regulatory issues at the local, state and federal level. Encouraging members to vote and be involved in policy and elections helps ensure agriculture is represented in the political process. Michigan Farm Bureau operates two political action committees focused on individual and corporate contributions to help elect ag-friendly candidates.


The AgriPac is Michigan Farm Bureau’s political action committee focused on electing Friends of Agriculture. AgriPac is funded by the financial support of Michigan Farm Bureau members.

AgriPac Mission

  • Evaluate and endorse candidates seeking federal or state office whose positions are compatible with MFB policies, regardless of party affiliation.
  • Allocate funds to endorsed candidates to encourage the personal and financial involvement of Farm Bureau members.

Friend of Agriculture Endorsement

  • Each county Farm Bureau meets to review candidates locally, and then makes endorsement recommendations to AgriPac.
  • Highly sought after by local, state and federal candidates for public office; well-respected because of the grassroots endorsement process.

Help elect agriculture-friendly candidates!

MFB operates two political action committees to enable us to accept individual and corporate contributions:

  1. AgriPac is focused on supporting candidates for elected office by making direct contributions to individual campaigns. This financial support is made possible through donations of personal funds by Farm Bureau members. 
  2. FarmPac accepts corporate dollars for direct political advocacy in support or opposition to candidates.

For contributions, contact Melissa Palma at (517) 232-6749.

For more information on AgriPac, contact Matt Kapp at (517) 679-5338.

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Academy for Political Leadership

The Academy for Political Leadership is a unique educational experience designed to give Farm Bureau members the tools, training and confidence they need to pursue positions in office to further promote and serve the ag community.

Join the Academy
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AgriPac supports candidates who are Friends of Agriculture. Each county Farm Bureau meets to review candidates locally, and then makes recommendations to AgriPac for endorsement. It follows the basic philosophy that politics are local, and no one knows local candidates better than local people.

Learn More About Endorsements

Help Evaluate Candidates

Interested in getting involved in the candidate evaluation process? Contact your county Farm Bureau to participate and help elect candidates who will work to give agriculture a voice in Lansing and Washington, D.C.

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