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Wind Lease Easements

The process of evaluating a wind energy development contract can be complex, and the signing of such a contract involves a long-term commitment by the landowner.

Wind energy development contracts are typically provided in two forms – as leases or as easements. Regardless of the type of contract used, the issues involved in a lease or an easement are similar – the duration of the contract (ranging from a period of years to a permanent transfer of rights), the landowner’s compensation payments, the liability of each party, the transfer of the contract to third parties, and many other issues – must be resolved between the parties negotiating the contract.

This worksheet is designed to help landowners consider some important issues that should be considered when negotiating a contract and some of the alternatives that might be considered to address those issues. It is strongly advised that you obtain legal assistance to better understand the provisions presented in the contract.

Content provided by: Michigan State University

large field with wind turbines