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Renters Insurance

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Peace of Mind For Renters

From theft to fire to damage, you want your belongings protected. As a renter your needs are unique. A Renters policy from Farm Bureau provides specialized coverage to protect your personal property.

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Many renters believe that their personal property is covered by their landlord’s insurance policy. This is seldom the case. A renters insurance policy from Farm Bureau Insurance provides peace of mind for those who rent their living space.

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While you don’t own the space you’re renting, you have filled it with things you do own and care about. A renters policy protects those possessions in the event of theft, fire or other damages. 

Personal Property

Personal property coverage protects the things you’ve worked for such as your furniture, clothing, and other valuable personal assets. 

Scheduled Personal Articles

Scheduled Personal Articles coverage protects personal items with special insurance needs like jewelry, fine art, and more.

Additional Options

We have options to keep you protected from additional property coverages like replacement costs, debris removal, food spoilage, identity theft recovery expense, and more.

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With a renters insurance policy from Farm Bureau Insurance, not only can you protect your personal property, but guard yourself against liability as well.

Personal Liability

If someone is injured in your rental, Personal Liability coverage keeps you protected from potential lawsuits.

Medical Payments

Medical Payments coverage provides protection from injuries that occur inside your rental.

Claims Expenses

Included at no additional cost, Claims Expenses are covered for reasonable expenses incurred up to $250 per day.

Additional Options

We can keep you protected from other liability expenses such as claims expenses and damage to other's property. Contact a Farm Bureau Insurance agent for all additional options.