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Michigan Farm Bureau Family of Companies

How Claims Work

Understanding the Insurance Claims Process

When you need to file a claim, Farm Bureau Insurance is here to help. Whether you're filing a claim for your home, auto, business, or farm, our dedicated claims team is located throughout Michigan and ready to serve your needs. From filing to completion, our trusted advisors will guide you through each step of the claims process. 

How to File a Claim

Policy paper

Online Reporting Form

Our online resource tool will guide you through the insurance claims process while collecting the required information needed to file your claim.

Start Your Claim

Claims Reporting Team

Need help filing your claim? Our Claims Reporting Team is ready to assist you when you need us most. Give us a call at 877-FBINSMI (877-324-6764) or contact your Farm Bureau Insurance of Michigan agent.

Types of Claims

Farm Bureau’s insurance policies ensure you have all the basic coverages you need but understanding your claim is important. As a policyholder, you would file a claim to us to formally report a covered loss or event. Our claims team reviews the report and if approved, you may be compensated for that loss usually in the form of a check/s. 

Workers' Compensation Claims

For anyone who suffers work-related injuries or disabilities, Work Comp claims help to cover lost wages, medical expenses and rehabilitation benefits. Employers must report claims to the Workers’ Disability Compensation Agency.

Your First Steps

Learn the important actions you can take immediately after an accident or loss to collect key information for your claim. Your first steps could save you time and money on your claim.


Need help with a repair? Whether it’s for home or auto, we can help you find a fast solution within our trusted network of repair facilities and specialists.

Office Departments

The following departments are located at our corporate headquarters in Lansing, MI and are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30p.m. Their contact information is included, but we recommend first contacting your agent for questions about your claim.

First Notice of Loss (FNOL) 

Receives all incoming claims to assure correct policy assignments.  

Phone 800-292-2680) | Fax (866-249-5516)  

Auto Vehicle Damage (AMD)

On-site inspections, vehicle damage reviews and additional correspondence. 

Phone 800-292-2680 | Fax (517-323-6773) 

Medical Claims Unit (MCU)

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) oversees auto injury claims.  

Workers’ Compensation oversees Work Comp injury claims.  

Phone 800-292-2680 | Fax (517-323-6699)