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Reasonable Exceptions

Reasonable Exceptions Due to Extraordinary Life Circumstances

We offer reasonable exceptions for customers who may need to extend their policy premium due date. In addition, exceptions are considered for those persons whose credit information has been directly and demonstrably influenced by one of the circumstances listed below. You may qualify for an exception to how we applied this information to your premium.

  • A catastrophic event, as declared by the federal or state government;
  • Serious illness or injury or serious illness or injury to an immediate family member;
  • Death of a spouse, child, or parent;
  • Divorce or involuntary interruption of legally owed alimony or support payments;
  • Identity theft;
  • Temporary loss of employment: exceptions are considered with no minimum period (determined case by case) and for circumstances that may exceed 3 months or more which may affect a person’s credit information, if it results from involuntary termination;
  • Military deployment overseas; or
  • Predatory lending resulting in the foreclosure of, or commencement of proceedings or an action to foreclose, a mortgage of real property owned by the insured or insurance applicant.
  • Any loss of employment*
  • Late payments made to mortgage lenders, landlords or tenants, lenders or credit card companies*
  • Late utility payments*
  • Collection activity related to late payments*
  • Medical collection activity related specifically to health care related to the pandemic*

* Applies to events occurring on or after March 10, 2020 until 180 days after the expiration of the most recent emergency declaration issued by Governor Whitmer.

To Apply For a Reasonable Exception

Requests for exceptions to extend policy premium due dates can be made over the phone by calling 800-535-2335.

Requests for exceptions to the application of the credit-based insurance score (those persons whose credit information has been directly and demonstrably influenced) must:

  1. Be made in writing;
  2. Be submitted within 60-days of the application for insurance or the policy renewal;
  3. Show that an eligible event had a direct and meaningful impact on the insured’s or insurance applicant’s credit information; and
  4. Include documentation that can be independently verified.

All requests for a reasonable exception are subject to company review and verification. Granted exceptions for premium payment are valid for 30 days and the application of the credit information are valid for one year. You may reapply for successive 30-day or one-year periods thereafter.

All eligible events and their specific impact on the credit information must be documented. Submit copies of the supporting documentation as it will not be returned to you. Do not submit originals.

Include the following information in your written request:

  • Your full name;
  • Your mailing address;
  • The type of policy [Auto, Homeowners, Lake Estate®, lIfe, Annuity, etc.];
  • The policy number or indicate “application for insurance”;
  • The Farm Bureau Insurance agent’s name;
  • The eligible event which demonstrably impacted your credit;
  • How the event specifically impacted your credit information.

Submit your written request and supporting documentation to:
Farm Bureau Insurance of Michigan
Customer Service Manager – FB Advantage Exceptions
P.O. Box 30400
Lansing, MI 48909-7900

You will be notified of the outcome of your request within 30 days of its receipt at our home office.