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2024 Elections & Endorsements

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What's at stake

Another election year is upon us, and agriculture needs to be involved in working to elect pro-farming candidates. Who we elect greatly influences our organization’s ability to implement Farm Bureau policy. 

Dates to note

  • Feb. 27 – presidential primary
  • May 7 – local election (select counties)
  • Aug. 6 – state primary election
  • Nov. 5 – general election

Offices on ballot

  • President  
  • U.S. Senate 
  • 13 U.S. Congressional seats
  • Two Michigan Supreme Court seats
  • Two MSU Board of Trustees
  • 110 state representatives  
  • County and township positions  
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Ballot Proposal

Michigan Farm Bureau is supporting a voter-led petition seeking to repeal a law that allowed the state to seize local control of large-scale wind and solar projects. 

Citizens for Local Choice is leading the bipartisan petition effort to reverse that, with plans to collect enough signatures by May 29 for the proposal to be placed on the November 2024 general election ballot.

If you’re interested in supporting the effort, contact your county Farm Bureau or Michigan Farm Bureau.

Contact your county Farm Bureau

AgriPac Endorsed Candidates

Every two years, Michigan Farm Bureau’s political action committee — AgriPac — endorses candidates seeking state or federal office whose positions are compatible with Farm our organization’s policy. These endorsements are rooted in local recommendation made by county Farm Bureau candidate evaluation committees. 

AgriPac will make endorsements in June 2024, ahead of the August primary election.

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Meet the candidates

Visit Michigan Farm Bureau’s ‘Get Out the Vote’ web site to look up candidates in your area as they file to run for office, register to vote, and find additional voting information like absentee voting deadlines, polling locations, election rules and more. 

Find your Michigan candidates

Elections Handbook

To assist members with all things related to elections, the Michigan Farm Bureau staff produces and updates a handy Elections Handbook designed to provide members with tips and information to help them become involved in the election process.

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Candidate Handbook

We need farmers to pursue positions in office and further promote and serve the agriculture community. This handbook is intended to inform members about elected and appointed positions that offer opportunities for representing agriculture in local government.