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Michigan Farm Bureau Family of Companies

Technology Support

Secure Email Program Instructions

In the interest of safeguarding your personal information, the Michigan Farm Bureau Family of Companies (MFBFOC) uses a secure means of exchanging information via email.

Any emails containing sensitive information and any documents attached to those emails sent from MFBFOC will be transmitted securely and will be viewable only by you. Your response will be protected in the same fashion and will return directly to the MFBFOC representative from whom you originally received the email.

Below is information on receiving a secure email from MFBFOC.

1. When you receive an email with Secure Email Notification in the subject line and content similar to that shown below, open the attachment.

Screenshot of a secure message email from Michigan Farm Bureau.

2. Once the attachment is open, you will need to click on "Acknowledge" to view the email.

Secure Email Encryption Service login screen

3. After you have read or responded to the email, please delete the email to better protect your personal information.

Screenshot of a secure email message from Farm Bureau

Paperless FAQ

Farm Bureau Insurance offers paperless policy and billing documents for all but Commercial Package Policies, and payment reminder for all but Life, Annuity and Commercial Package Policies.

To sign up, sign in and select Manage Paperless on the left. To learn more about paperless, click on the topic of interest below.