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Life Insurance

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Keep Your Family and Your Work Family Protected

Whether it’s about protecting your loved ones or the business you’ve built with your own hands, Farm Bureau’s life insurance policy can give you peace of mind if something were to happen to you.

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Farm Bureau Insurance has several life insurance options to protect you and your family. Learn more about our exceptional coverage. 

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If you only need protection for a specific period of time, consider a Farm Bureau term life insurance policy.

Level Term Coverage

With a level term policy, you can protect your mortgage, fund your buy-sell agreement and provide collateral for your loan. These policies allow you to pay a set premium that will not increase until your term duration is complete. These policies may allow you to convert to a permanent policy without underwriting.

Return of Premium

Want to buy term coverage without giving up the money you have paid? Consider a Return of Premium term policy. At the end of the term, we guarantee you will receive all funds paid (not including rider premium or rated premiums) tax free.


By adding riders to your policy you may:

  • Avoid paying premiums if you were to become totally disabled 
  • Protect your children’s future insurability
  • Double your coverage if you pass away from an accident
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Ensure your family, business and debts are protected no matter how long you live with a Farm Bureau Whole Life policy.

Pay Once or Make Multiple Payments

With Farm Bureau whole life insurance policies, you can select from a single premium policy or a policy that could continue to receive payments up to age 100, or somewhere in between.

Guaranteed Coverage

Receive guaranteed coverages long as you live. If you pay your premium (and any outstanding loan interest), we guarantee a death benefit even if you live to be 120. If you want to stop payments, you can use the reduced paid-up feature and secure a guaranteed death benefit.

Cash Access

Surrender funds or take out a loan without the hassle of working with a bank lender.

Great for all Ages

If you’re 85 or younger, we can help protect your finances.