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Allegan County FB earns 2021-22 Prospector Award

The Prospector Award recognizes county Farm Bureaus for making the most of the prospect list (get it?) they use as a guide through their membership year.
Date Posted: October 28, 2021

Allegan County Farm Bureau earned MFB’s 2020-21 Prospector Award, writing nearly half of its membership campaign prospect list. Allegan County’s membership team wrote 11 prospects from their original list of 25 prospects — 44% — leading the state in new regular members written by volunteers.

One month into the 2021-22 membership year, county Farm Bureau boards are appointing membership captains, Regional Managers are working membership training programs into county board meetings, and the 2021-22 membership campaign is being rolled out.

“The new Membership Campaign structure remains the same as the last two years, with a few tweaks here and there to strengthen it,” said Laura Lunceford, Manager of Michigan Farm Bureau’s membership development department. “Our members’ hard work over the last two years proved the structure works and that membership recruitment is being worked successfully in our county Farm Bureaus.”

Hot on Allegan’s heels was a slew of other counties who made the most of their prospect lists.

Gratiot County member volunteers wrote nine new regular members from their prospect list — 36% — followed closely by Monroe County, which wrote eight (32%) of its prospects.

Writing 20% or more of their prospects were the Washtenaw, Antrim, Lenawee, Calhoun, Cass, Missaukee, Oakland and Emmet county Farm Bureaus.

“Even the counties that wrote fewer new members from their prospects still saw encouraging results from tapping these valuable resources,” Lunceford said. “I love seeing counties strengthen the organization’s grass roots by turning these well-known, valued allies into new Farm Bureau members.”