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DISCUSS: How can we get more farmers in elected offices?

Date Posted: September 30, 2021

The importance of farmer involvement in politics remains as relevant and critical today as it was in 1977 when Farm Bureau members created AgriPac, a political action committee serving to amplify agriculture’s voice and enhance its influence.

In the era of term limits there is a constant need for farmers to run for office. We need more farmers to serve in government at all levels whether it’s in your local townhall, Lansing or Washington, D.C.

Not all farmers can step away from their family and businesses to serve at the state or national level, however most could give up a night or two a month to serve in township or county government. We can’t downplay the importance of serving in local government; as society becomes further removed from the family farm, we see the importance of having agricultural representation in local government, even in rural communities.

The push to get more farmers to serve in government led to Michigan Farm Bureau launching its Academy for Political Leadership, a program designed to give county Farm Bureau members the tools they need to engage in government, represent agriculture and positively influence the legislative process. Participants learn why we need farmers to run for office, how to talk to the media, what it takes to run an effective campaign, election law, fundraising, social media training, and more.

We continue to look for more farmers and agriculture-friendly candidates to run for elected or appointed positions to protect the interest of farmers, especially those who can be steadfast, respectful leaders amid emotionally-charged controversies and issues where it may be difficult to separate fact from fiction.


  1. How many farmers serve in local government in your county?
  2. How can your county Farm Bureau help recruit more farmers to run for office?
  3. How can your county Farm Bureau help recruit participants for MFB’s Academy for Political Leadership?
  4. Do any of your county Farm Bureau members regularly attend township or county government meetings to stay apprised of local activity?


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