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Even-district presidents must convene, set director slate

State bylaws require county Farm Bureau presidents to convene by Nov. 2 to finalize a slate of candidates vying to represent their respective districts — 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 this year — on the MFB Board of Directors.
Date Posted: September 9, 2022

County Farm Bureau presidents in even-numbered districts are urged to start planning yesterday for their district presidents’ caucus, a bylaw necessity for developing a slate of candidates to represent the district on the Michigan Farm Bureau Board of Directors.

The state organization’s bylaws require county Farm Bureau presidents in districts electing a director to meet by Nov. 15 to develop a slate of candidates for the position. Since most district caucuses now happen as early as Nov. 3, county presidents are encouraged to finalize their slates prior to those district meetings. 

Even-numbered districts elect directors in even-numbered years; odd districts in odd-numbered years. Accordingly, this year director terms expire in districts 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12.

Incumbent directors are:

  • District 2 — Jennifer Lewis, Jonesville
  • District 4 — Jeff Sandborn, Portland
  • District 6 — Travis Fahley, Yale
  • District 8 — Mike Mulders, Essexville
  • District 10 — Leona Daniels, Sterling
  • District 12 — David Bahrman, Skandia

Eligible candidates must meet Michigan Farm Bureau qualifications for district director and should be willing to serve if nominated. 

Each candidate shall provide in writing, by the first day of MFB’s 2022 State Annual Meeting, Nov. 2, a statement describing how they meet the bylaw qualifications for directors to the Secretary of Michigan Farm Bureau. Contact MFB General Counsel and Secretary Andy Kok for a copy of those qualifications.

MFB Regional Managers are responsible for planning the district meetings (conference calls are acceptable) in their respective regions.  They have guidelines available to help you carry out your responsibility.

If you have questions, contact your MFB Regional Manager.