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Farm Bureau Insurance Introduces “FB Drives Michigan!”

Date Posted: June 16, 2021

Farm Bureau Insurance of Michigan has announced a new tool that will feature incentives for safe drivers in Michigan. The FB Drives Michigan! program outlines a telematics-based application that launched onApril 29, 2021. Along with discounts on auto insurance, FB Drives Michigan! will connect motorists with valuable insight into driving habits, safety tips, and other useful data.

FB Drives Michigan! is a UBI (Usage Based Insurance) that drivers utilize by installing an application on their mobile device. This app employs telematics while the mobile device is in the driver’s moving car. This technology measures a number of unique behaviors including phone usage, braking, miles driven, speed, and more. Drivers will then receive a score based on this interaction that can qualify them for auto insurance discounts. Along with this score, FB Drives Michigan! will also provide insights into driving habits and tips to improve scores that can help drivers qualify for even deeper discounts.

“We are always looking for ways to benefit Michigan drivers while encouraging a safer environment for everyone on the road,” said Farm Bureau Insurance of Michigan CEO, Don Simon. “FB Drives Michigan! is exciting in the way that it utilizes technology to connect our customers with an insightful and interactive experience. This opens up a multitude of benefits ranging from customer service advancements to, of course, safe driving discounts.”

According to Simon, the program will be introduced with an immediate 15% auto premium discount when enrolling in an annual term policy and a 12% discount for six-month terms. Auto premiums may also be reduced by another 10% if the total miles driven fall under a certain threshold.

Drivers are encouraged to contact their local Farm Bureau Insurance of Michigan agent to get connected with the FB Drives Michigan! program.

For more information contact Cale Sauter at (517) 391-5001