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Farm Bureau members appointed to fruit commissions

The volunteer commissions serve an important role enhancing the economic position of Michigan’s tree fruit sector. Image credit: Megan Sprague
Date Posted: March 23, 2023

County Farm Bureau members Noah Fox (Oceana), Paul Hubbell (Northwest), David Smeltzer (Benzie-Manistee), Scott Hassle (Cass), and Adam Brauer (Kent) were recently selected by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to serve on two fruit industry commissions. The appointees are subject to Senate approval and will serve terms expiring in early 2026.

Michigan Cherry Committee

  • Oceana County Farm Bureau member Fox, of Walkerville, is a farm manager at N. J. Fox and Sons and is appointed to represent district 2 tart-cherry-growers.
  • Northwest Michigan Farm Bureau Hubbell, of Williamsburg, has been the owner/operator Orchard View Farms since 1970, where he farms 250 acres of cherries and 50 acres of apples. Hubbell is reappointed to represent district 1 sweet-cherry-growers.
  • Benzie-Manistee Farm Bureau member Smeltzer, of Bear Lake, has been the owner of West Wind Orchards LLC since 2007 and was a partner at Per-Clin Orchards Inc. for the 28 years prior. He has been chairman of the Michigan Cherry Committee since 2019 and a member since 2014. Smeltzer is reappointed to represent district 1 tart-cherry-growers.   

The Michigan Cherry Committee was developed for the purpose of improving the economic position of the Michigan red tart and sweet cherry growers by creating greater marketing opportunities for their fruit. The Committee conducts advertising and promotion programs, assembles, and disseminates market information, and supports research into new marketing methods. Learn more on the group’s website

Michigan Tree Fruit Commission  

  • Cass County Farm Bureau member Hassle, of Decatur, is a second-generation farmer and partner at Berrybrook Enterprises. Hassle is appointed to represent district 3 growers.
  • Kent County Farm Bureau member Adam Brauer, of Grand Rapids, is farm manager/chef at Schwallier's Country Basket where he manages 100 acres.
  • Bruce Veliquette, of Kewadin, is the manager of Cherry Ke Inc., which grows 2,500 acres of cherries. Veliquette is reappointed to represent district 1 growers.  

The Michigan Tree Fruit Commission is a board that aims to improve the economic position of Michigan tree fruit growers by creating greater marketing opportunities. This is done by performing market research, disseminating market information, and expanding markets for tree fruit.  

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